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Thursday, August 19, 2010


Today's been a good day so far.

Before I forget to add it to the blog (thus forgetting for my "records" since I all but stopped updating her baby book), drumroll please, Avery is walking on her own initiative as of Tuesday. She's been cruising for forever it seems like, and she always wants to walk with us holding her hands, but this week she finally decided to head out on her own. It's so cute and wobbly, and of course we couldn't find our little video camera. We'll get some footage soon.

Little Miss was in a very good mood this morning. It's always a good sign when let's us know she's awake by yelling, "Book!" instead of just crying her little eyes out. So we read some all of her books this morning, all before breakfast.

We also took a trip over to the high school to have lunch with Matt and visit with some of the English teachers. I was pleasantly surprised to note that I wasn't even sad after seeing my room all, well, not my room anymore. (p.s. Beth, you did a GREAT job with it. I love it!) As stressed as I am right now with some stuff going on with my position at church, it was a nice reminder that it could be so much worse. Plus, it was good to say hi to everybody.

The day got even better when we got to eat lunch at Gimme Sugar with Matt and my two favorite English teachers, Sarah and Megan. Oh. my. goodness. I'd only had their cupcakes (which are to die for, btw), but their Minnie's sandwiches are super yummy.

Plus, Avery fell asleep in the car within 2 minutes of dropping Matt off at school, and she even stayed asleep when I dragged her out of her carseat, put her in bed, and took off her shoes.

I think somebody was a little tired.

Other fun things about today: Gap Groupon for 50% off, my new Cricut is being delivered today, and Matt is totally finished with the deck!

Happy Thursday!


joyceandnorm said...

Hooray for walking! I was so glad when E started walking because I just couldn't carry her for so long anymore. Next will be walking backwards, sideways, running, jumping!!

Brooklynn said...

My mom let me borrow her Cricuit and I. love. it. It's SO awesome! Although, I think I'm just going to borrow her's and not invest in my her an excuse to see me. HA!