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Friday, September 9, 2011

Friday Five

1. Happy Friday! Sheesh, sometimes I feel like "short weeks" are actually the longest. Avery has been very two-year-old-ish this week, so the weekend is very welcome at this house!

2. Since I know you're just dying for an update on my fantasy teams, I made the playoffs in fantasy baseball! Barely, but I made it. I'm losing the current playoff game pretty badly, but considering that I didn't update my team at all in the past month, I'd say that's just fine. I don't think I'll play fantasy baseball again; it's way too time consuming. And somehow I managed to get talked into playing in two different fantasy football leagues now. Yeah, let's just say that I foresee some squabbles between my brother and myself. He takes his fantasy leagues very seriously and doesn't understand when others don't. (Love you, Nick!) Eh, it will at least make watching football with Matt a little more tolerable this season since I can pay attention to my players.

3. Matt and I are leading a Lifegroup this year! We were asked awhile ago if we'd be interested in splitting off from our group to start a new one, and at first we said no because we really loved our old group. We changed our minds once we had the chance to seriously talk and pray about it though. We start on Wednesday, and while we'll miss our old groupies, I'm so excited to see this one take shape!

4.  I'm making dish and laundry detergents today! We bought all the ingredients yesterday, so once my little helper wakes up from her nap, we'll attempt to put it all together! I've heard great things about homemade detergents, and if it works well, it'll save us tons of money (have you seen how much dirty laundry babies create?). I'll post the recipes later after I've tested them out.

5. Our weather has been awesome this week, but next week is supposed to get up to 100 again. Nooooo! God is such a tease sometimes. I won't let that hamper my weekend though. Matt is going to the Ranger game tonight (and sitting in a suite. I might be a little jealous.), so the kids and I are having a date night with my mommy. I seriously love living close to my parents.

Tomorrow my sister has a soccer game in Dallas, so I'll go to that while Matt has his choir back-to-school party. Sunday is the usual (with the exception of a potluck after church-- am I the only one who loves potlucks?), meaning too much busyness and not enough rest. Let's not get into that. Anyway, with the exception of not getting to see my husband enough this weekend, I think it'll be a good one. Hope yours is, too!

1 comment:

joyceandnorm said...

1. I know!
2. I know some serious fantasy people too. Luckily, the hubby is not one of them. *whew*
3. Because you're not busy enough, I see. =p I understand about the old/new group situation. Here's to growth in every way!
4. Yes, let me know how it goes.
5. We're getting our Indian summer..don't look forward to mid-90s for our upcoming trip. =\ I'm a I get migraines in hot weather. I won't be visiting my Texas friends anytime soon. I love living by my parents too!!!!

Have a good one!