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Monday, September 26, 2011

Weekend Recap

Matt had early release for homecoming, so when he got home, I went up to the open soccer practice with (some of) my new team! We don't officially start until October 17, but we're allowed an informal practice on Fridays for an hour. Since the boys are still in season (and an old friend/classmate of mine is coaching them), we joined them for a full-field scrimmage. Let's just say that I'm still regretting my decision to play because my legs want to jump off of my body in rebellion. Ouch. Plus, I'm so out of shape that I was just embarrassingly slow, and my touch was atrocious. Oh well, I'm still really excited about this season.

On Friday night we went to the Ranger game!! My dad scored some good tickets from work, so they took us and we had so much fun! Duh, it's the Rangers. And we won!! Since we needed the Angels to lose in order to clinch the division, they told the fans that we could stay and watch their game on the big screen (since it was a two hour time difference). How cool is that?? We stayed for the fireworks, but there was no way Landon was gonna make it any longer, so we had to just listen to the Angels' defeat in the car. American League West champs, baby! And go figure that I forgot our camera.

Matt had choir stuff in Coppell all day, so the kids and I went to my hometown's little "fair" thing. Then we went to play at my parents' house for a little while before heading home for naptime. Avery took a really long nap (we're talking almost 4 hours!) and Landon took a lot of shorter ones, so I had some nice down time and worked on the soccer calendar for this season.

Matt got home in time for some bubble fun outside before bedtime. The rest of the evening consisted of us singing while Matt played guitar. I also may have had a melt down over the cluttered state of our house. Don't worry, I slept it off. :-/

(I know this is a really unflattering picture of me, but I just love Landon's expression and his chubby little cheeks!)

We had a great morning at church before going to my parents' for lunch. We decided to stay home from all extra church activities for the rest of the day because we have just been way too busy on Sundays. 

What a stud!

I did go with my neighbors Dave and Brooke to visit our other neighbors Cody and Whitney at the hospital with their brand spankin' new little boy, Heston. He's just precious! Landon looks like a giant next to him now, but I have a feeling they'll be causing neighborhood mischief together before long. We have the best neighbors!

Landon and I even tried out a different grocery store on our way home, and I'm still enjoying doing the grocery shopping on Sunday nights instead of Monday mornings.

It took Landon forever to finally stay asleep. He was probably upset because we found out that the Rangers tickets we finally ended up just giving away got upgraded to an all-you-can-eat suite. Go figure. But after Landon was down for the night, Matt and I dug into some ice cream and watched Friday Night Lights. Gosh, I love that show.

It was kind of a weird weekend, but today was a good Monday, so I can't complain. Have a great week!

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Anonymous said...

Sometimes saying no to extra activities is best for all. Do I spy some sidewalk chalk from Target Dollar Spot? =p Congrats to your neighbor friends on the new addition to their family!