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Thursday, September 15, 2011

Starting is the hardest part...

 I have started and erased this post about a bajillion times now because sometimes I just can't think of how to say anything. See? That didn't even make sense.

I also don't really know what I want to write about, but since my internet went down yesterday morning, I kept thinking of tons of topics. You know, since I couldn't write any of them because AT&T was ruining my life.

Have I mentioned that I can be a tad dramatic?

So. I was going to post about the new detergents I made. (Which are awesome.) Then I was gonna post a cute little kiddie pic for Wordless Wednesday. (You know, since I have the cutest kids in the world.) Then I was gonna write about how much my week has been sucking. (Today is much better in case you were wondering.) Then I wanted to blog about our new Lifegroup. (We have some awesome groupies!)

And now I'm just writing about all the things I was gonna write about. And you're wondering why in the world you wasted your time reading this.

I'll have something more interesting to say tomorrow.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

I totally know what you're talking about.