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Sunday, September 18, 2011


I mentioned on Friday that we were going to the Selah concert on Saturday, so I thought it'd be nice to post a little follow-up to that thought.

We were given tickets by an anonymous awesome person, and they even arranged for a couple of high school girls from church to babysit for us. I was a little hesitant about leaving Landon because his bottle acceptance level is hit or miss, but we went with it since the concert was less than 10 minutes away from our house.

Poor kid refused to take a bottle and apparently screamed for like 45 minutes while the girls called everybody they could think of for advice on how to calm an inconsolable infant. They finally gave in and called me during intermission, so I raced home, fed my sweet boy, got him to sleep, and made it back to the concert, only missing two songs. I'm glad Landon loves me and all, but this is uncharted territory for me because Avery was so flexible between bottle and boobies. Oh well, anything for my little man. :)

Okay, so the concert.

Shoot, y'all. Selah is amazing.

I've already said how much I'm not a fan of most Christian artists, so these guys (and girl!) are just a breath of fresh air.

They take music seriously and are great performers, which I so appreciate. But what I appreciate even more is that they're just real. Their last album was pretty intense because they were all in figuratively dark places (it's a great album, by the way; just be prepared to cry a lot when you listen to it), but this one's a lot more hopeful (hence the title, Hope of a Broken World). Anyway, a large chunk of their concert is them talking about their songs and sharing their testimonies, and the concert was more like an intimate worship experience. Okay, so that sounds a little cheesy, but I can't think of a better way to say it.

I even caved and bought the new CD afterward (vs. just ordering it on Amazon) so I could get it autographed. I'm such a dork.

After waiting in line to get it signed, I finally got up to the table, shook Todd Smith's hand, and said, "I don't know what to say to you."

Seriously?!?! Of all the witty things I could've spewed out or the thought-provoking questions I could've asked during our minute-long interaction, I come up with, "I don't know what to say to you."

This is why I should not meet famous people.

I did end up chatting with the chick singer, who I kind of hate because her belting range is ridiculous and I want to pull a Little Mermaid and steal her voice. She was so sweet that I almost felt better about my ridiculous excuse of a conversation starter. Almost.

After the concert we went to Denny's for dessert with my parents, Mike and Darla, and Ral, Sam, and Maddie. Yes, Denny's. We live in a small town. There aren't many options.

Mike and Darla (aka Kendra's parents)-- love them!

Sam and Maddie-- love them, too!

Oh, Matt and Ral. These two are ridiculous together.

The parentals. Aren't they cute??

It was so weird to be out past 10 (gosh, how lame are we now?!?), but we stopped at Sonic on our way home to get some drinks for our awesome babysitters (they did have to listen to Landon scream for almost an hour, after all) and then ended up chatting with the two giggly girls until like 12:45. In the morning. We were living on the edge.

So to sum up our evening, I discovered that my boobies are irreplaceable and that I am not funny.

It was a good night.


Nick said...

I have now realized I should be more cautious in selecting which blog posts to read...please, no more talk of boobies haha

Anonymous said...

Glad it was close by so you could go. Sounds like a fun time, and I never know what to say when I meet artists. =p