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Monday, October 3, 2011


This girl is a character. Her vocabulary and ability to form sentences has exploded in recent weeks, and if I don't write some of this stuff down, I'm afraid I'm gonna forget it.

{Frequent Sayings}
  • "Play with me!" (Note: the tone in which she says this makes it impossible to say no)
  • "I'm pretendin'..." or "it's pretend (fill in the blank, usually "fireworks," "Ranger game," "church," or "school")
  • "Have a fun day, kids!"
  • "No, I'm good." (in response to whether or not she needs something)
  • "Whatever." (And she says this with such an attitude! I think we're in for a long road when she hits middle school [or maybe before-- eek!].)
  • "I'm going to college when I grow up" and "I'm gonna play soccer when I get older." (We're not brainwashing her at all.)
  • "Are you proud of me?" or "I did a good job!"
  • "I'm a silly goose!" or "I'm just bein' silly."
  • "Mommy, guess what." ("What, baby?") "I love you so much."
  • "What's the deal?"

{Funny One Timers}
  • Avery went through a phase where she would come jump on me in the mornings before I'd fed Landon, and um, it was a little painful and I would tell her so. One evening we were at my parents' house, and she kept asking my dad the same question over and over. It took us a few times to understand what she was asking, but while they were still saying, "Huh?" I realized that she was asking, "Grandaddy, do your boobs hurt?"
  • I was playing with Avery in her room when Matt came up behind me and was trying to scare me. He was making the "shh" gesture so Avery wouldn't give away the surprise, but she didn't catch on and yelled, "Hi, Daddy!" Matt asked her if she knew what it meant when he held his finger pointing up over his mouth, and she answered (duh), "Pick your boogers!"
  • "Mommy is gorgeous!" (I never mind when Matt teaches her flattery!)
  • Avery loves to pray at the dinner table. Usually her prayers are simply, "Dear Jesus, thank you for our food, and thank you for our family. Amen." Aw, it's the sweetest thing. One night though, she added in, "Thank you for our peas." I wish I was thankful for peas!
  • She also likes to pray before bed, and the other night she prayed, "Thank you for our Daddies and our Mommies and our Landons." 
  • "Be quiet, Meggie! You're gonna wake up Landon!"
  • Me: "Aw, Avery, you have Play Doh on your pants." Avery: (Looking at me seriously while putting her hand on my shoulder) "It's okay, Mommy. No worries."
Avery also has quite the song repertoire. She currently loves:
  • Jesus Loves Me
  • If You're Happy and You Know It
  • Big House (yes, as in old school Audio Adrenaline)
  • Beautiful One
  • Hush Little Baby
  • Bringing Home a Baby Bumblebee
  • ...and anything else that has a melody. Seriously, this girl LOVES to sing.
Oh there are so many more quirky little things she says and does, but this list will have to suffice. I'm sure she'll give us even more to laugh about as we journey through life. For now though, we'll keep on enjoying her two-year-old musings.


April said...

What a cutie!

Your "boob" story kills me! HAHA!

Belle's still a little quiet with her words, but EVERYTHING's a "Baby." She's taken to telling us a very emphatic sentences that sounds similar to this: "Hee bee wah goood gahh dog!!"


joyceandnorm said...

Super cute! Love everything they say at this age...except maybe 'whatever'.

I'm only thankful for peas in their pods. =p

Brooklynn said...

Oh my goodness. I died laughing at the first two. Those were so funny! She's such a little cutie!

Amy said...

OH, MY GOODNESS!! What was Richie's response after regaining his composure....?????
I love the Avery-isms! :)