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Monday, October 10, 2011

Redeeming Weekend

After last week, during which I wasn't sure I would even make it to the weekend, the last few days were a much needed recuperation.

We had such a great time at the farm on Friday (which I blogged about here), and after that we went straight to the soccer field for open practice. Avery and Landon got to hang out with Kendra in her classroom during practice time, so Avery thought it was a big treat (especially since she didn't have to take a nap)!

I had prepped our Crock Pot dinner on Friday morning, so we even got an amazing meal after such a full day. We all gave Skinny Zucchini Ziti two thumbs up (thanks, Pinterest!).

Needless to say, we were exhausted on Friday night, so both kids went to bed early and, after watching a couple episodes of Friday Night Lights, so did we! (If you're keeping up, we're on season 4 now, and goodness, have things changed in Dillon! I'm digging the new story line so far. And much thanks to Netflix for adding season 5.)

Both kids slept in on Saturday morning, so we celebrated with a donut breakfast. So much for cutting back on the sugar, right? We stopped by a garage sale, visited the library, and caught the end of a church friend's soccer game all before going to my parents' house to celebrate my brother Aaron's 26th birthday with a chicken salad lunch.

Then Matt and I got a much-needed date night, baseball style! Since we're too poor to actually go to the ALCS games, we saw Moneyball (great movie!) before going to watch the game at Razzoo's. It was perfect. We even got to be grown ups and sit at the bar to enjoy our non-rushed meal, dessert included!

Y'all. If your sweet tooth is as bad as mine, you have GOT to try the Mud Sundae at Razzoo's. It is a monster of a dessert (as in, Matt and I were struggling to finish the one we split). We're talking a huge brownie and extra large scoop of vanilla ice cream underneath a mound of whipped cream drizzled with chocolate sauce. I could make a whole meal of that sundae. I would promptly throw up, but it would be worth it.

We did leave during the rain delay, but I pushed through and stayed up until the Rangers finally won around midnight.

Sunday was pretty typical: church, lunch, choir practice for me while Matt took the kids home to nap, Matt's deacon meeting, bath time, and bed. We did attempt a two-kid bath time for the first time though, and it was a success! Well, success until Avery got tired of Landon splashing her. I refrained from putting the precious pictures on here for fear that my children will hate me when they get older. :) (Okay, so it's mostly because I fear internet creeps.)

And now we're ready for Game 2 of the ALCS. Go Rangers!

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