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Saturday, October 15, 2011

Sting 'Em!

This has already been a whirlwind of a weekend, and we had so much fun going to visit Allison and watch her soccer game yesterday! Even if Landon did cry scream for an hour of the drive home. (Thanks for being the baby whisperer, Brittany!!)

Me and my girl :)

Lan Man finally took a nap!

A growing girl just snacking away in Grandma's lap...

Landon sitting with Nick and NOT CRYING!

I just love this picture. We took it to show Avery's VERY messy face, and then it ended up being super cute! Now I really wish I would've wiped her face off. :)

How cute are they?!? We like Brittany. :)

Allison and her boyfriend, Isaac

I'm still sad that I didn't get to stay last night to see Allison's coffee house performance and watch her senior day today, but I am SO proud of this girl!

I'm glad you're my sister, weirdo. :)

Anyway, Matt had to work late yesterday and then today he had to be at school at 6:30 in the morning for all-region auditions while I had a leadership workshop all day at church. Landon went with me, and Avery stayed in Brownwood with my parents and brother. I'm ready for our little family to be reunited in time to watch the Rangers (hopefully) win the American League pennant tonight!

And tomorrow we're headed to the fair!

1 comment:

allison said...

awww.... this is so nice :) i love you and i'm so glad you got to come to at least friday's game!