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Monday, October 3, 2011

A Girl and Her Bear

One of Avery's favorite things right now is knowing that she's getting a "special treat."

Usually said treats are things like ice cream at Chick-fil-a or eating dinner picnic-style in the living room, but this weekend, she got a really special treat from Nene and Pop Pop.

She got to go to Build-a-Bear! At first she was a little overwhelmed by all the choices, but she totally soaked in all the awesomeness after she made her bear selection.

She now takes Snoopy, the female koala bear, with her everywhere. It's a beautiful friendship in the making. (And yes, she insisted on naming her Snoopy.)

The rest of us had a great weekend too, complete with dinner at Chuy's, brownie ice cream sundaes, and lots of relaxed play time.

FINALLY asleep after being too excited to take an afternoon nap...

Looks comfortable, doesn't it? (p.s. He doesn't normally sleep in a bib.)

This picture should tell you everything you need to know about Matt.

We even had uneventful car minivan rides there and back (Landon slept the whole time, praise the Lord!). We had a great weekend with Matt's side of the familia, and we're excited that they're coming up this way next weekend for the State Fair!

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