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Friday, October 21, 2011

Friday Five

1. Go Rangers! If you've followed my blog at all (ever), you probably know that we're huge Rangers fans in this house. And yes, that includes before last year when they actually started winning some games. So it should be no surprise that we've been watching every postseason game (we'd watch all the regular season ones too if they weren't only on cable), and I'm SO ready for us to win the Series this year!! It's been a long time coming. Last night about gave me a heart attack though, so I'm glad we pulled out the win! And sheesh, I wish all the Ron Washington haters would just give it a rest already. I don't think he's nearly as bad as everybody says. Yes, he's unconventional. I like risk-takers. Sometimes those risks pay off, and sometimes they don't.

2. Soccer started this week! I'm so excited about coaching these girls, and I'm up to the challenge/balancing act that this season will bring. Only a couple more weeks until our first game!

3. It seems like once a month I have a major mom fail. (And no, it's not that kind of once a month.) According to Matt's diagnosis, I let minor frustrations build and build and then I just lose it. He's right. I hate it when he's right. Said meltdown is like a slow-motion out-of-body experience, during which I hear myself freaking out and verbally taking it out on my kids, but I can't actually believe that I would become so impatient and say such ugly, irrational things to two of the three people I love most in the entire world. And then they're crying, I'm crying, and as my mom arrives to babysit until Matt comes home, I'm walking out the door an absolute mess because I'm late for soccer practice.

Those days really suck. Someone please tell me I'm not alone and that you're not all as perfect as Facebook and blogs make it appear. :)

4. Now enter the sewing list. How are there only TEN days until Halloween (and only SIX until Avery needs her costume)?!? Yikes, I need to make friends with my sewing machine again. The good news is that I have all of my needed materials for costumes, baby gifts, t-shirt quilt, and some other looming projects. I just have to find time to make myself sit down and DO IT.

5. Ah, but it's the weekend now. We're going to a real live square dance at our church's hoedown tonight, tomorrow night is a Sunday School party, and Matt's taking off on Monday so we can go to Allison's soccer game!

And hopefully I can retain what's left of my sanity without having another day like Wednesday. Happy weekend, everybody!


Jamie Butts said...

OF COURSE you aren't alone. As someone (I think John Piper) said, "Welcome to the Fallen Humanity Club" - ha! This is indeed the downside of blogs and fb. It helps if you have people in your life showing you their struggles and sin and you can point each other to truth and grace, but when you feel like you are alone in it, it especially sucks. Press on, sister!! There's NO perfect mommy. But there's a whole lot of grace!! My friend taught (and modeled for me) that it's actually a wonderful Gospel opportunity when we sin against our kids (and we will a whole lot) to confess that to them and show them that "Mommy is a sinner and needs Jesus too!!"

April @ said...

I am TOTALLY WITH YOU on #3 and #4. Did you SEE my blog post yesterday?! I can share this on here with you because my friend won't see this... but yesterday I called a friend to see about what she did when her toddler didn't want to ride in the shopping cart and had a meltdown. My friend proceeded to tell me that I let Belle get away with ENTIRELY WAY TOO MUCH and that I needed to spank her. Of course, it made me all sad and tense and then when Annabelle acted out at home, I overreacted and I got in her face and popped her on the leg. Twice.

Heather, it was the worst moment EVER.

I was convinced that I was unfit to raise kids. I was in tears all day long. SO, you are not alone. At all. (and it felt really good to get that off my chest!)

#4- I feel you! I'm going on vacation and I only have about 5 days to work on a million projects - the majority of which is for my SIL and her baby shower! EEK. I'm so behind and I haven't even STARTED. (and I still haven't finished up Belle's costume)

Okay, I'm stopping now because I'm turning this into a novel!

Kati said...

Heather, oh my goodness. Not only are you not the only one but it makes me feel good to hear things like that too. I sometimes wonder, how does she hold it all together and make having 2 kids look so easy! And she blogs, sews, coaches, works at the church...amazing.

Last week I had a meltdown and was just sitting on the couch crying. Although some of that could have been getting off sugar :-0 (wah!)

Last night, Karlyn would NOT stop crying/whining so I finally just put her in our room and shut myself in the bathroom so I could finish getting ready. It scares me sometimes because when they just won't stop, I'm like ahhhhhhh! Oh, and I've told her to shut up before.

Color me the bad mom. :>

Anonymous said...

No one is perfect. If you see someone who seems perfect all the time, everywhere they go, they're probably something more going on... Of course, there is a time and a place to air out our frustrations/struggles, and no one wants to do that in front of people they don't feel comfortable showing that side of themselves to, but we also don't have to say everything is okay when they're really not. Here's a link that a friend had recently shared with our MOPS group as a reminder that that the "Perfect Family" doesn't exist.