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Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Five

1. I am a shorn sheep.

I've always wanted to donate my hair to Locks of Love, and I finally grew it out long enough to do it! It's been awhile since I had short hair, so I'm gonna have to get used to it. When I got home, Avery kept telling me I looked beautiful, so I think it'll be okay, haha!

2. I am not making any more baby food ever. Ugh, I'm mostly kidding, but Matt and I made SO much food for Landon last night! Matt cooked sweet potatoes, chicken breast, and carrots while I was at a meeting, and then when I got home I made peas and green beans and started making all kinda of combinations to puree and freeze. We ran out of ice cube trays, so I'll have to finish freezing a couple batches today. I know it's worth it because it's so much cheaper and better for Landon, but this girl is TIRED. And seriously, we probably made enough to last until he's totally on table food.

3. Last month I lost my car key. Yes, just one key. I was switching cars with my mom so I could go to soccer practice, and somewhere between the door and the car it just disappeared. And we still haven't found it. So annoying. Now I can't find my camera charger (hence the webcam pic above). I lost my planner for about a day, and thankfully my head is attached to my body otherwise I'd lose it, too! For those of you who were worried (ha!), I did find my planner, ironically enough, under a pile in the study that I'm in the middle of organizing. Whew.

4. In order to prevent said head loss, I've adopted a new brain. I wish I were kidding. I now have my incredible Post-It/Journal/To Do system in place (thanks to my friend Jamie and a great Pinterest find) and I finally have a good place to brain dump! I'll post the method and the madness soon. You'll just have to be patient. I know, this blog is just full of too much suspense.

5. Someone remind me never to buy 10 lbs of carrots again. You know, unless I'm planning on feeding a gajillion bunnies or something. Costco has some ridiculous mind warp on me and I convinced myself that yes I could, in fact, figure out a way for our family of four to go through TEN POUNDS OF CARROTS. (In my defense, they're whole organic carrots and were only a dollar more than the 5 lb bag of baby carrots.) I'm surprised we haven't turned orange yet. We've sauteed it as a side on multiple occasions this week, I gave a bag full to my parents, I added carrots to practically every one of the baby food purees, and Landon even used them as chew toys. While the plethora does give me another excuse to make this amazing broccoli cheese soup tonight, I have learned my lesson.

It's a low-key weekend around here; I hope yours is great!


Melissa said...

I "LOL'd" pretty darn hard about your carrot overload. If you don't turn orange soon maybe you will start seeing through walls or something.

Joyce said...

1. Yay! I'm planning on donating for the 5th time next year if my hair gets long enough. I think short hair is actually more work to maintain so I like having long hair more. =p Sweet comment from your sweet girl.
2. I wanted to make baby food, but just never got around to it since E was super quick to move to table foods. I'm sure homemade tastes so much better than the jarred stuff though.
3. I think there's a Shel Silverstein(?) poem about losing your head if it's attached. =p I was looking for my keys today and found them in my hand!!! haha I was also holding something else in the same hand so I didn't think it would be there.
4. Can't wait for the post!
5. Carrot fries? Carrot juice? Use it in stew?

Yay for low-key weekends!! I'm the opposite of that, and I'm trying to conserve my energy right now for another get-together later on. My introverted self can only do so much socializing. =p