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Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spa Day and Talent Show

Our ladies ministry at church put together a super fun spa retreat, and I'm so glad I decided to go!

I wasn't really looking forward to the sessions because the topic was personalities/relationships, and quite honestly I've heard and read about the four personality types a kajillion times. It was really good though, and I even learned a few things. :)

We had such a fun table! Including Meagan and Kari...

...Crystal and Amy...

...and Janice and Teresa (with Micah!).

They had a paraffin wax station, a nail station, facials, sugar scrubs, and comfy chairs all set up. Some people signed up for chair massages, but I'm holding out for my next visit to my personal massage therapist, aka my cousin Amy. :) I also had forgotten how much I love having painted nails! I move my hands all prettily and everything. It's so girly.

Iris and Cindy testing out the chocolate facial

Carolyn is the best pastor's wife EVER. Love her!!!

The craft session was making felt flowers; they were so cute! They're similar to some fabric ones I make, but now I have another method to add to my repertoire. Oops, and I forgot to take a picture of the finished product.

Rhonda and Mimi are two of my very favorite ladies at our church. They always crack me up, and they're always dressed so cute!

There were so many thoughtful details that the ladies put into this event. They even made some really funny videos to go along with the sessions. It was well worth giving up my day and putting aside my to do list (melancholy personality, anyone?) to be reminded of the blessing of varying personality types and how God uses all of them to work together for His good. Oh, and I'm sorry I'm so bossy and critical. I really am learning to embrace the positive aspects of my (sometimes too strong) choleric melancholy self and rein in those downfalls. God is constantly working on us!

I missed my sweet family while I was gone all day! Avery wanted in on the painted nail action.  And apparently while Landon was napping, Avery and Matt made a "dinosaur train" out of tunnels, tents, and sheets while I was gone, so I came home to a disaster zone. I think they had fun though, haha. And this video pretty much sums up life in this house right now: Avery being loud, Landon army crawling everywhere, and our living room being messy.

I decided to take the kids to Matt's school last night so we could all be together a little longer while he was working at the talent show. Avery had a BLAST running up and down the ramps in the sound booth before it started, and she sat so attentively during the first act of the show. We left at intermission because it was beyond bedtime for two sleepy kids.

Hey there, handsome.

This picture is a blur because I could not get her to stop moving long enough to smile!

Oh, he is such a mama's boy right now and I am NOT complaining. I love those sweet cheeks!

I just adore this picture. She was so fascinated with the sound board.

Anyway, I'm tired. It's been a packed weekend and now I've gotta get our menu planned so I can go grocery shopping after the prayer gathering at church tonight. It's naptime around here now; wish us luck!

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Joyce said...

Ha! At first I was thinking this was a strange combo to have for one event. =p The Spa Day sounds like it was super fun! We had one for MOPS at the beginning of the year. I wish we had it twice a year. =p