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Thursday, February 9, 2012

Organizing Challenge: Study (Week 2)

Patience is a virtue that I rarely possess. It's frustrating to me when I can't just finish a project right away, so this slow progress is making me crazy. Well, crazier.

If you're just now following this challenge, you can find my starter post here. I'm linking up with OrgJunkie's 29 Day Challenge and am attacking our study with a vengeance. 

This has actually been a very productive week, organizationally speaking. I made a plan! That's a start, right? I won't bore you with ALL the details, but part of that plan was my To Do list, which is already being crossed off.

I've "re-homed" quite a few things that shouldn't have been in the room in the first place, and I've begun purging items that are no longer used or sentimental enough to keep. It feels good to get rid of some clutter! I've already started thinking about which rooms are going to come under the wrath of the trash bag next, but I'm trying SO hard to just focus on this room before I get distracted and move to the next without finishing. Not that I have a tendency to do that or

So here are a few shots of the progress so far.

The bookshelf has proven to be the hardest part so far. That is, of course, because I haven't even opened my filing cabinet yet. Eek. But in all seriousness, I'm a packrat at heart. As much as I hate clutter and want to not be bound by stuff, I have a really hard time letting certain things go. I mean, I had three shelves of books, many of which I will never read again. Take into account how many of those books I could simply add to my Kindle, and it just started seeming ridiculous. I'm pretty proud of myself because I forced myself to make quick decisions, which ultimately led me to finally get rid of this frame that I love only because I made it in college and was so proud of it at the time.

Yes, I had a slight obsession with Matthew McConaughey. And yes, I did just look up how to spell his last name.
I also uncovered multiple old journals and notebooks full of sermon notes and devotional thoughts, and wow. It's been interesting to see how far I've come in my emotional maturity, but it's been convicting to see where my spiritual maturity has plateaued or simply been put on hold. Thoughts for another post.

I'm liking this challenge so far! Having a weekly checkpoint is motivating me to work consistently, even if my before-and-afters aren't drastic yet. Slow and steady wins the race.

Gosh, I'm so cliche.


SAHMmy Says said...

"come under the wrath of the trash bag" -- funny!
Books are hard. I just donated over 100 of my favorites; figure if I really want to reread one I'll just rent it from the library.
Thanks for sharing your progress!

Jilly said...

NICE progress!

Joyce said...

I totally know what you mean about wanting to move onto another room when you're on a roll with the trash bag. =p Keep it up! Can't wait for the final outcome!

Thanks for the birthday wishes for Melody.

sara d. said...

great progress! it is cool to see the photos side-by-side.
as I was working today I wished that I had created more of a "To-Do" list...instead of my general: clear out the room! :)

keep up the good work!