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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Organizing Challenge: Study (Week 4)

We're getting down to the wire! There's less than a week until the February 29 deadline for OrgJunkie's 29 Day Organizational challenge, and this was a super productive week for me.

Check out my previous progress posts here:

I'll save the detailed pictures and explanations for Wednesday's big reveal (haha!), but some highlights of this week were
  • getting Matt's sheet music and guitar tabs organized into SIX notebooks,
  • coming up with a solution for Avery's "office" (aka her coloring books, stickers, papers, crayons, etc.),
  • finally putting some pictures in a bulletin board/frame collage that I've had for at least two years.
Here are some comparisons from week 1 to now:

Between now and Wednesday, I still need to
  • put pictures in a collage frame that found its new home in the study,
  • finish a sewing project for Avery's art nook,
  • finish a couple of other decorative details, and 
  • get rid of the last remnants of "stuff" (my old laptop that needs to just be recycled at this point, my basket of unused office supplies, and some electronics that Matt needs to try to sell).

We're getting there though, and I'm loving how much better it looks already. Check back on Wednesday when it will be FINISHED!


Amy said...

unused office supplies are always accepted in kindergarten classrooms! (just sayin') :)

Joyce said...

fantastic job!!! it looks great. i like the collage photo frame.

Michelle said...

It looks awesome! Great organizing!

Alana in Canada said...

Looking forward to the Big Reveal. You have done well!