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Monday, April 9, 2012

Catching Up With Old Friends

Sorry for the lame title. I'm not very original these days.

Jennifer, one of my oldest and dearest friends, was in town last week, and I got to see her TWO times!

I've known Jenn since we were just dorky 6th graders at a little private school in small-town Texas. We went through our awkward junior high and dramatic high school years together, but we really became close friends during college, even though we never attended the same school.

We lived together when I got my first teaching job, and she was a bridesmaid in my wedding.

Jennifer always makes me laugh and is one of the few people who genuinely think I'm funny. She's always called me out when I'm being ridiculous and has the rare ability to encourage me when I'm down.

She lives in New York now, and our friendship has definitely taken a hit from the distance, but I still love this girl and was so thankful to spend some time with her this week.

We reunited with our friends Julie and Kari came over for lunch on Wednesday. Apparently I hadn't seen Julie in a LONG time because she walked into my house and had no idea who Landon was. I see Kari all the time, but I always love hanging out with her and her little kiddies.

Jenn with Kari's little boy, Micah

I can't tell who was having more fun, Jennifer or Landon

Jenn and Julie


Me and Julie
Jenn, Kari, Julie, Me (photo courtesy of Kari's 5 year old)

Me and Kari with our munchkins (minus a sleeping Micah)

And then on Saturday night we met Jenn and her husband Daniel, Betsy, Betsy's sister-in-law, Julie, Andy, and Bethany at  Gloria's in the Bishop Arts District for some yummy El Salvadorian food, complete with heated political debate. :)

Me, Julie, Jennifer, Betsy, Betsy's sis-in-law

I think we're gonna have to go back to Gloria's when we can eat for real. This Whole30 thing really puts a hamper on what you can order out!

We ended up eating fajita meat, salad (no dressing), guacamole, and fried plantains. I have never wanted cheese, sour cream, tortillas, and chips so badly!

So Jenn and Daniel, I think you've been in New York long enough and will welcome you back to Texas with open arms.

1 comment:

Joyce said...

Super fun! I just met up with a long-time friend from 4th grade! And we even went through some old notes that we wrote each other. Fun...and awkward at the same time. =p I'm so glad you got some girl time.