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Friday, April 20, 2012

Friday Five: Sewing, Rainy Day Zoo Trip, and CHICK FIL A

Happy Friday everybody! It's an especially happy Friday here because Matt took off work to hang out with us all day long!

1. Last night I went to a friend's house so we could have a little sewing party. Okay, maybe "party" is too strong a word when it comes to sewing, but we saw a tutorial on Pinterest that we thought we could tackle for our baby boys and thought it'd be helpful to work on them together because some tutorials are just confusing.

Here's the picture of the t-shirt rompers we were attempting:

And after we had no idea what the crap she wanted us to do for the legs, we decided to cut off the bottom part and just make baby t-shirts! They turned out pretty cute for being a project salvage, but I think I'll actually try the project again and just make more little shirts! Landon's getting a little too big to wear rompers anyway (I have a weird pet peeve about little boys wearing rompers when they can walk.).

2. I caught this blog post by one of my favorite musicians (Derek Webb) when a couple of friends posted it to Facebook recently. It's about the marketing of Jesus and the things we categorize as "Christian." It touches on a lot of the little annoyances/frustrations of modern Christianity, and I think it is worth the read. He speaks so much truth in the post, but one of the best paragraphs was this one:
i simply do not believe that god can only use and speak through things that we rubber stamp as “christian.” nor do i believe that jesus wants us to live in fear, especially fear impressed upon us by those in our culture claiming to do so in his name. nor do i believe in our subculture’s system of false security, that god wants us to put our faith and security in marketing terms rather than in jesus, whose spirit both gives and animates our powers of discernment. exercising our discernment liberates us to live in the world god has made and engage with his creation without fear or dependence on meaningless words.
Check out the whole post here. (As a sidenote: His mention of "safe" Christianity reminded me of Francis Chan's balance beam illustration, which you can watch here.)

3.  How about those Rangers?!? If you know me at all (or have followed this blog for any period of time), you know that everyone in our family (down to the little ones!) is a complete Texas Rangers fanatic. Yes, that means even before they were good. And honestly, I kinda miss the days that they sucked because ticket prices were cheaper and then the stadium was so empty you could just move to whatever seat you wanted after the 2nd inning. But now that they're AWESOME it's fun, too. At 11-2 we have the best winning percentage in baseball, and while I know the season is young, it's exciting nonetheless. AND David Murphy is on the All-Star ballot this year! I just adore him and am so glad he's finally getting some credit for his consistency. We already looking forward to going to the game next Friday with our church kids and families. Go Rangers!

4. Since Matt was home today we started off the morning with a family stroll. It was fun to be out in the neighborhood while we watched everybody heading off for school and work. We came home to blueberry banana smoothies before we headed off to the zoo. The rain ended our zoo trip a little early, so we had lunch at Chick-fil-a on our way home. Yes, Chick-fil-a. We stopped our Whole30 Challenge today (I'll post my final thoughts soon) and I have never enjoyed a chicken sandwich and banana pudding milkshake more. And tonight Matt and I are going on a date while Avery and Landon hang out with Grandma and Grandaddy!

5. My awesome in-laws are coming in town tomorrow, I'm going to Nick and Brittany's wedding shower in the morning, and Landon is being dedicated at church on Sunday. Yay for great weekends!

Hope you have a great one, too.

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