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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Parks, Ranger Games, and Dang HOAs

I don't really have a lot to say tonight, but I'm avoiding doing anything productive (ahem, sewing, laundry, or VBS planning).

We've been playing at the park a lot recently. Avery's gotten SUPER adventurous (and I'm trying to be a good mom and let her learn to take risks without trying to protect her every step--eek it's hard to watch sometimes!), and Landon just wants to eat all the mulch. Although I did discover that he loves the smaller playground and will play in one of the mesh tunnel things as long as I'll let him! Unfortunately Avery only likes the "baby playground" in small doses.

Hanging out with Wyatt and Eli! (Notice Landon completely entertained in the tunnel behind the big kids)

She looks so big here!

Avery with her buddy Luke

Sometimes I just need a break from keeping the mulch out of his mouth...

We went to the Ranger game with a ton of kids/families from our church on Friday night. The Rangers totally blew it, but it was fun anyway. Avery got so scared of the home run fireworks, so that was weird. And Landon stayed awake the entire game. Yikes. He was happy though, so all was well.

Thanks, Matt.

Thanks, Emily.

It was next to impossible to get a good kid picture. My camera didn't even make it over to the big kids' section.

This girl is a dancing fool! Unfortunately for her, she seems to have inherited my rhythmic ability. But she sure is cute!

Self-proclaimed BFFs

Mom even came to help out with Lan Man.

I always wonder what the heck our HOA actually does since our neighborhood doesn't have fancy amenities or anything, but I found out when I checked the mail on Saturday that they do like to do neighborhood inspections. Apparently they frown upon dead trees in front yards and grass in flower beds. Guess what Matt and I got to work on during kid nap times today.

Speaking of Matt, he's grocery shopping for me tonight so I can be a bum. He's a gem.

I guess I should go fold some clothes or something. I'll leave you now with Avery's crazy hair day picture from Thursday and Landon's sweet smile captured by Avery, who is so stinking quick with a camera (and is actually getting pretty good with one!).

Peace out.

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