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Monday, April 9, 2012

Easter Celebrations

We had a great time celebrating Christ's resurrection this weekend!

After we got back from Opening Day, on Friday evening we went to our church's Good Friday service. It's always an appropriately somber service, and God really slapped me in the face with the ugliness of my sin. I so often take the brutality of the cross for granted (or worse, treat it as simply a piece of home decor), so it was an important reminder for me.

On Saturday morning we took a break from yard work to take the kids to our neighborhood Easter egg hunt. It was the first event ever put on by our HOA (hey, at least those dues are finally going to something), so attendance was pretty low. But that just meant that Avery got more candy (aka bribery for good naps)! We finished up the yard when we got home, and then I went up to church to work on some bulletin boards and prep for Sunday. That evening Avery and Landon got to spend some quality time with the grandparents while Matt and I went to Gloria's with some of my oldest friends.

Sunday brought sunshine! And then LOTS of rain. Avery woke up to an Easter basket full of goodies from NeNe and Pop Pop. They sent each kid adorable PJs, swimsuits, a puzzle, and eggs (jelly beans for Avery and Cheerios for Landon!). Matt and I didn't buy any Easter gifts for them this year; we will in the future, but it won't be anything outlandish.

Photos courtesy of Allison Jean Photo

We went to church in the morning, where we jealously watched our friends and family enjoy the vast array of breakfast casseroles brought to our annual Easter breakfast. I taught the 1st-3rd children's church class during the worship service, and I really enjoyed hearing their insight when we talked about doubt/belief and Jesus' resurrection. There's one little boy who always blows me away, not with his Bible knowledge, but with how much he genuinely loves Jesus and really thinks about the questions he's asked.

After church we had lunch at my parents'. Thankfully they're doing the Whole30 challenge right now, too. Avery was gonna hunt eggs outside, but we had to settle for an indoor search lest we be drenched. I don't know where all that rain came from, but it poured.

The kids took good naps while we planned our menu for the week, and we were even able to do a little grocery shopping after they woke up.

Matt and I ended the weekend playing Bohnanza (I won!) and crashing early.

I'm SO thankful that we serve a savior who is powerful over even death! What a great reason to celebrate!

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