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Monday, April 9, 2012

Opening Day!

It's baseball season again, folks! Matt and I went to Opening Day two years ago, but we never really thought we'd get to go again because they changed to a lottery system where you sign up just for the opportunity to get Opening Day tickets.

But my sister is awesome.

She still has connections in the ticket office, so we were able to score some seats at the first game of the season at a totally normal price. Did you know that the average price of tickets for that game was $264 each?!? Yeah, that was the second highest in all of baseball this year.

Ours were a little cheaper than that. Like $246 cheaper. We took our own lunch and snacks (partially because we're cheap but mostly because of the Whole30 challenge), shared parking costs with my brother and sister, and ended up spending a whopping $48 on the entire day.

And it was a GREAT day.

I was a little nervous about taking Landon with us because he's not usually content to sit still for longer than, oh, five minutes. But he was awesome! Avery loves Ranger games, so she watched, cheered, and snacked her face off. Landon napped for most of the game and made friends with our neighbors the rest of the time.

So here's how we managed to take two kids under 3 to the most crowded day in baseball:

We left our house around 10:15 for the 1:05 game. It would've been earlier if, ahem, Nick and Allison had gotten there on time. We managed to avoid traffic on the way to the ballpark and drove through Whataburger for Nick and Allison to get food for the game. FYI: The smell in our car was torture for this Whataburger lover.

When we got to our normal parking lot, they'd jacked up the prices from $5 to $40! We knew that the Rangers lots were only $12 that day, so we decided to press our luck and find a different lot. We ended up at one of the Cowboys Stadium lots, which also had a charter shuttle. Score. We even got to stop and take a few pictures. It was SO gorgeous outside!

We got into the park around noon and found a table to eat lunch. Since it was still so early, we were able to take our time getting to our seats.

Our seats were pretty high up in the stands, but that also meant that we were covered in shade from the 3rd inning on. And that meant that Landon napped for most of the game.

It was a close, exciting game, but we won! After losing in the last two straight World Series, here's to hoping the third time's a charm. The boys look good, and I LOVE that Murphy is in the starting line up now.

I'm so glad it's April. Play ball!


Joyce said...

Major score on the tix!! That's awesome! We didn't go to any baseball games last year (went for a basketball game instead), but this year we found out that the A's offer free tickets to kids who complete a math workbook. Free is always good. =) Sounds like a great day!

Kati said...

One day I'll be brave like you and take my kid(s) to do fun things even when it'd be easier to stay home. ha ha. You're my hero.