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Sunday, October 11, 2009

Give me five.

1. I really want a cool blog layout, but I have no idea how to make them. I like to think of myself as fairly intelligent/competent, so I'm pretty sure I could look it up and just figure it out, but I really want somebody to just show me how to do it.

2. I love change. No, not like Obama-campaign-change. Like, coins-in-the-coke-machine change. I find it strangely enjoyable to sort it, count it, and then wrap it up in those cool little rollers.

3. I could watch Bridezillas all day long. You know, the ridiculous WE show. When Matt and I were engaged, I would rent seasons of it at a time from Netflix and just have marathons every night. Yes, it's trashy. Yes, I think a lot of it is staged. Yes, it gave me nightmares about my own wedding. No, I do not care.

4. I like lists. A lot. If I have a lot going on, I even make lists of the lists I need to make. If I'd thought of it soon enough, I would've named my blog "My Life in Lists" and made every post some sort of list. It's an obsession.

5. Speaking of obsessions, I love the new Special K chocolate pretzel bars. I'm not even delusional enough to think they're actually good for me (have you ever looked at the ingredients?). But would I like to eat the whole box? Yes, please.

1 comment:

Kati said...

Heather, love your blog! And the list ;>