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Saturday, October 24, 2009

Super Saturday

Since State of Play is on in the background, and I've already seen it (although I highly recommend it), I'm going to take this opportunity to recap the day. In pictures!

We started out by sending Avery away to have a day with the g-parents while they went to watch Carrie play volleyball in Sherman. (Side note: we planned to go meet them later for the late game, but so much for my excellent organizing skills. There was no late game today, so we didn't get to see any games at all. Sorry, Carrie!) We had the whole day to ourselves. It had been, oh, say three and a half months since we'd just had a whole day to kill, so... what to do?

1. Get Matt fitted for his tux for Trunk and Melissa's wedding. Check. We're really looking forward to Matt's BFF getting married, and the trip to Baytown is way overdue!

2. Check out Sprouts. If you haven't been yet, GO. It is amazing. I'm not a health food nut (haha, that was kind of punny), but I really am trying to eat healthier and cook better quality food for our family. I'm still in the beginning stages (i.e. "We're not eating out, so this has to be better, right?"), but we're getting there! I'm hoping that by the time Avery's starting solid foods (um, that's quickly approaching-- a couple more weeks, eek!) we're giving her natural foods and eating better ourselves. Baby steps. Anyway, this place has the best looking produce I've seen in awhile, and it's mostly organic. The prices weren't even terrible, and *bonus* they take coupons! Whee!

3. Buy stamps and finally mail off the last of our baby thank you notes. I know, shame on me. She's almost four months old and I'm justnow getting these finished. Granted there were only five left, but I majorly procrastinated. *Virtual slap on wrist*

4. Lunch at Petaluma! We love this place. It's like Panera Bread, but modern and not a chain. And they just happen to have the best french fries ever. (Baby steps on the healthy thing, remember?)

5. Score an awesome deal at Bath and Body Works. I had a coupon for a free travel sized item, and it didn't even require a purchase to get the free item. I'm fully aware that companies do promotions like that because they want you to go to their store for said free item and then find other things to buy for not free. So I walked in with the appropriate willpower and determination to grab the free thing, "check out," and leave, but my willpower and determination didn't know that they had reallyreallygood smelling candles on super sale! What's a girl to do? So here's what I walked out with...

Hey, before you judge, it was $48 worth of merchandise and only cost me $18. Okay, fine. I'm a sucker for candles.

6. Check out new bakery in Uptown Village. (Although I'm not really convinced that it's "new" since our receipt said Busy B's Bakery. Hmm.) I knew we'd be going to a wedding in 15 minutes where there was sure to be yummy cake, but these cupcakes were loaded with beautiful icing and these cupcakes were NOW.

7. Witness the union of Ndolembai and Charity. We love this couple! They are such a godly example and a blessing to our church family, and they're just so darn cute! The ceremony was so special and so them. At the beginning of the ceremony, they acknowledged all the different countries that were represented there by having guests stand when their country was called. If you don't know Ndolembai, he's from Chad (Africa for you geography non-buffs), and there were people from Iraq, Puerto Rico, Kenya, Czech Republic, Taiwan, and so many other countries. It was a really unique way to emphasize the multi-culturalness of their relationship. I cried during the ceremony because ever since Avery was born, I apparently cry at everything. It's kind of annoying. Anyway, congratulations to Ndolembai and Charity!

What a day! We remembered what it was like to be baby-less, but I have to admit that I was relieved when we were reunited with our precious baby girl. Although I love the freedom of spontaneity, I've grown accustomed to constantly meeting the needs of another human being, even when it's most inconvenient. I think we'll keep her.


Kati said...

I'm glad you've decided to keep Avery :>

Brooklynn said...

Heather, you're to cute.