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Friday, October 23, 2009

Well, well, well.

It has been TEN days since my last post! And my consistency had vastly improved before this horrendous gap in the written word! I am ashamed. And as much as I hate excuses (just ask my students), I have one. It's a good one, too.

Wanna know what it is?

Good, I thought you might.

My computer revolted. Seriously! It locked us out. Okay, so I suppose it was our own fault. To make a short story long...

I bought this computer five years ago. (Yes, I know, I know, five years is an eternity in computer years.) It still worked great, UNTIL the hard drive crashed (I'm blaming a virus). So my handy dandy husband bought a new drive and everything was as good as new except that we didn't have the original operating system cd to reload Windows. Once again, Mr. Handy Dandy himself came to the rescue. His idea: we could just load an old Windows cd, and voila, it should work. And it did work. For one month. Did you know that you can use Windows for a month without a serial number and teases you by working just fine, but then after that month is up, it just snatches it right away? I know now.

So I had a great blog about my day as a Stay at Home Mom (complete with pictures!). I had a Tuesday's List blog about favorite beauty products (although you were probably actually saved by not having to read that one because, I can accept it, I'm not really an expert on beauty). I had a blog about my grocery shopping adventures and how I saved lots of money (yippee!). I had ALL THESE BLOG ENTRIES and I couldn't write them! And now it's just too late and my (four) readers will just have to be disappointed forever. If you just can't stand not knowing what my past 10 days have entailed, you can just out my new-to-blogging husband's update.

Never fear, there is hope in sight. I finally got in touch with Dell, who assured me that I was entitled to one (how generous) backup copy of the Windows version for which I did have a serial number. It's (supposedly) on its way. Until then, my also-handy dad gave us a substitute that should work for now.

Side note, please do not tell me I need a Mac. Yes, I love them. No, I cannot afford one. They have problems of their own, so I'm just fine with having a PC at home.

No new pictures today. No pretty signature at the end of this post. Blog fail. No, make that computer fail.

Heather ( <---- ugly "signature")


Brooklynn said...

Were you just dying to blog!! I know the feeling. Glad you're back!

miriam said...

i'm sure you have more than four readers, since i bet you didn't even know i've been reading your blog!