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Thursday, March 4, 2010

30(ish) Day Challenge: UPDATE

As promised-- it's the Thursday update! Since the challenge only started this week, I admit that this update is sorely lacking since it only has three projects, but they are three whole areas that are now organized that weren't before. And that, folks, is what you call... score. 

March 1, 2010
The first area I decided to tackle was our "game closet." I include the quotes because it is (obviously) not just a game closet; it also houses toilet paper, paper towels, master bath towels, and even pretty table linens. Don't worry (not that you were), the system makes sense in my head. So before I emptied it completely, it looked like this: 
And after I sorted, tossed, and shifted everything, it looked like this:
So far so good! I love the huge sigh of relief I get when I finally shut the door on a completed project. This challenge might not be as difficult as I thought. (Yes, please remember this quote so you can throw it back at me at the end of the month.)

March 2, 2010
My cup cabinet drives me nuts. Well, let me be more specific; the top shelf drives me nuts. I can never quite reach it, so I end up just throwing plastic cups in that direction and hoping they land on the shelf without breaking any coffee mugs. Case in point:
So with a little rearranging (and discarding-- my favorite part), it all makes more sense:
Side note: Does anybody have a solution for my bendy top shelf?? (Besides take weight off it; it's really not that heavy. Promise.

March 3, 2010
Since Wednesday nights are our Lifegroup nights, I had to choose a relatively quick project. My neighbor Whitney is joining me in this organizational fiasco challenge, and she inspired me with her junk drawer transformation. I wasn't even getting to benefit from a place to shut all my junk away in the kitchen because our "junk drawer" was completely filled with manuals for items from our dishwasher to my apple corer to Matt's weed eater. Go figure! 
I made 3 piles (garage, manuals, and drawer) and started sorting accordingly. As I was sorting, I was reminded of my storage method for all of our baby item manuals. It's nothing fancy, but I just keep them all in one of those poly 8.5 x 11 clear envelopes. Easy solution for the rest of our manuals: the manuals for Matt's toys will get an envelope so they can stay in the garage, kitchen manuals will stay in the kitchen in their envelope, and so on. By the time I finished, the drawer looked pretty empty:
Tonight I'm running the clock for the soccer games, so I'm going to take my home notebook (I'll explain this later) with me and organize it in the press box during half times and between games. Gotta multi-task, right? I'll have Avery for a couple hours while Matt is judging a pre-UIL performance, so once he picks her up to take her home, I'll get it all sorted out. (Rest assured I'll be enjoying my sweet Avery time while I've got her!) 

How is your organizing going? I know that at least three people have joined me so far! Shout out to Amy W, Lacey S, and Whitney K! Let me know what projects you've tackled this month (and what you plan on getting to soon) by leaving a comment on this post or on my imported Facebook note. (And if you're just following me on Facebook, why aren't you reading my actual blog?!? The formatting is much prettier there-- check it out!) 

I can't wait to here how your projects are going-- don't forget pictures!

1 comment:

Kati said...

I think I will pick a few projects to organize too...our "coat closet" which houses more than coats ;> has been driving me crazy!