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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Tuesday's List: Spring Wish List

Today's list is spring wish list. I'm a pretty content person, and I know I've been blessed beyond belief. BUT. Here are some things I wouldn't mind having:

1. A cruise. Matt. Me. No cooking (buffets!) or cleaning. Sleeping in. Reading by the pool. Offshore excursions. Aaah, I want a vacation. 

2. Living room furniture. Ours is a little on the, uh, worn side. Not to mention that our sofa is just a piece from a sectional (and I don't have the rest of it). We currently have said sofa, a big circle chair (that I can't wait to move into our bedroom as a reading chair), and an ottoman. We need more seating. And, designer opinion aside, I want it to all match, dangit.

3. New exterior paint trim. When we built our house I got to pick all the colors of everything. It was awesome. What wasn't so awesome was that our lovely (note the sarcasm) homebuilder neglected to tell us that we picked the exact same brick color as our next door neighbors. That might not be such a huge deal if we hadn't also picked the same floorplan. Yeah. So in order to not have absolutely identical houses right next to each other, we changed our brick color. No big deal. Except. When we changed the brick color they wouldn't let us change the trim color, which no longer matched our new brick. So we were left with a pretty terrible combination of brick and trim. Matt's volunteered to paint this spring/summer, so you'd better believe that I'm taking him up on that.

4. Computer chair. I'm currently using a folding chair from Ikea. No bueno. Here's what I want. Isn't it cool?!?

5. Patio furniture. Well, really we need an actual patio first (vs. just a porch). This is a long-term project we have planned, and it will be so stinking cool. While we're at it, maybe we should put up a 12-foot screen in our backyard to keep our nosy back neighbors from watching us every time we're outside. It's creepy. 

The cruise and the patio are a tad out of reach for us at the moment, but I'm thinking the others are just on the horizon. Thank you Uncle Sam for our higher-than-expected tax return.

What's your list? Link up (click on the logo at the top for instructions) and join the list-making frenzy! 

1 comment:

Kati said...

We should do a double date cruise someday! And congrats on the extra moo-lah. We owe :< But not too much. Have fun picking out house stuff!