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Friday, March 12, 2010

Friday Five

This Friday is especially awesome because at 3:45 pm we officially begin the glorious week of Spring Break. Here are some reasons I'm celebrating:

1. On Saturday we get to have grown-up time with our sweet friends, the Urquharts. I actually met Whitney through our parents who are friends, and we have so many things in common it's almost scary.  Whitney and her husband have a sweet little girl who has been so generous to pass down her outgrown clothes and toys to Avery, and that has been such a blessing to us! I hope I can do the same for others, but unfortunately most of my friends who have babies younger than Avery have boys. I'm pretty sure they wouldn't want to be decked out in pink. Anyway, the grandparents are watching the kiddos, so we're looking forward to some adult conversation and maybe a board game or two. (Okay, that sounds lame I know, but we love games so back off. And I say "back off" in love. Hehe.) 

2. After church on Sunday we're heading to Baytown to spend a few days with Matt's family! We're so fortunate that, even though we live almost 5 hours away, we've been able to see them about once a month since Avery's been born. I even hear that they've got some fun activities planned while we're there, so I'm extra excited. :) 

3. Matt and I both have dentist appointments when we get back in town. Now that might not sound like something to look forward to, but oh. my. goodness. it's been a year since I had my teeth cleaned. Gross. Until then I will be in fervent prayer that I have no cavities. Our dentist has the friendliest hygienists (in fact, one of them is our pastor's wife and I love her), but while that should be a positive thing, I get stressed out when they ask questions while they have sharp scary tools in my mouth. Do I answer right away and hope they can interpret my open-mouth speech attempts or do I wait in uncomfortable silence until they stop and I can answer clearly? It's such a dilemma. I usually just try to answer and hope they can translate the babbling. It's just awkward. 

4. Today I'm ordering my totally awesome rock star office chair! Matt conceded, so I get to order the zebra print. I can't WAIT to get it set up in our study.  Here's the picture again in case you missed it on Tuesday (eek! I'm so excited!):

5. And the best part about a week off of school is the fact that I get extra time with Matt and Avery. It's a huge bonus to live with your favorite people! I'm also planning on tackling my "big" organization projects for the challenge since I'll have bigger blocks of time to work with. Clean closet anyone?

I hope you have a fantastic weekend, and for my teacher friends, enjoy your week of freedom!


Diane said...

OK - my pastor's wife is also a dental hygenist. And I just happen to need a new office chair - that zebra print is darling! Your spring break sounds wonderfully refreshing, and productive too!

Ashley said...

Yeah for Adult Time! :) Enjoy SB!! :)

Anonymous said...

1. Woohoo!! We LOVE board games. Have a great time.
2. We LOVE spending time with family.
3. I LOVE clean teeth. We haven't been for awhile too because last year Norm last his job and we didn't have the same insurance anymore. And since we moved, we didn't change dentists and it's a bit far away. Need to make an appointment soon.
4. We LOVE Target. Do we get to see a pic of the office?
5. Have a fun time with your hubby and baby. I need to clean a closet now. =p Which one to start with...

Anonymous said...

I cleaned my closet this week too! Looks soo much better. Have fun on Spring Break! I'm major jealous :> Cute zebra chair too; Matt's a good husband.

Rachel Anne said...

I need the name of your dentist. It's been too long since I've dentist retired long ago and now I've been searching.

LOVE the zebra chair! You will feel totally cool when you sit in it. Makes me want one, too!

Enjoy your fun weekend!!! And enjoy Spring break!!!

One More Equals Four said...

We are coming off our week of Spring Break and I am so sad :( I need one more!

Hope you have a great time visiting with friends and family.

by the way, I LOVE to play games, sounds fun and I love the chair!

MrsJenB said...

Are you kidding? We LOVE board games! And it's been way too long since we've had a game night...

What a cool chair! Good for you!! :-)

Cathy said...

Love board games and playing cards. Lots of fun! Hope you have a wonderful and productive spring break. Ours is this week too!

carikaufm said...

Totally digging the zebra print! Awesome! Enjoy spring break!