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Monday, March 29, 2010

Weekend Update

Attention: after two long weeks of cold/flu/allergy symptoms, I finally feel like a semi-functioning human being again! Yippee! I even managed to get my contacts in this morning. That, my friends, is a welcome improvement from my previous state. Ahhh, to be able to breathe again.

I felt like I cheated my weekend a little by being home from school so much last week, but the last few days were definitely needed and a welcome stress relief.

I took the day off from school to get everything ready for the teacher training I was running on Saturday. I seriously don't know what I would've done if I hadn't taken off... I spent the whole day putting folders together, reviewing my PowerPoint, buying supplies, sending reminders, setting up the room, and wondering why I didn't delegate anything. Lesson learned. Anyway, here's the room after it was set up (I could only catch two of the three tables in the picture, but you get the gist).
On Friday night I worked the soccer playoff game that we hosted at our stadium. $25 cash to sit in the press box for two hours? Easy breezy. Cha-ching!

Saturday morning was the actual training that I had been dreading nervous about since I took on the Children's Ministry Director position in January. I was actually very pleased with the way it turned out though, and I probably won't be quite as worried about our next one in September.  I can only hope.

We were planning on going to visit Nana and Pop in Denton that afternoon/evening, but funny thing about that plan, I kinda forgot to make sure they were free. They weren't. Oops!

So Matt worked his cutie patootie off in the yard (scooped dog poop, mowed, weed eated [?], tilled a garden, and put up a fence around said garden; now that's a real man, folks) while I played with Avery, prepped for the Sunday School workshop I was teaching on Sunday, and organized my guest/craft room and closet. Aren't we exciting??

After a great morning at church, my super-awesome husband (have I mentioned how much I like him??) grilled up some chicken for our yummy lunch while I fought with Avery over her baby food. She's not liking the purees so much anymore apparently because after all was said and done, there was orange goop everywhere. Nice. So she ate some real (cut up in tiny pieces, duh) green beans with us! 

Avery had an awesome nap, and then we set out on our mission to buy our new living room furniture. Y'all, I have been on the hunt for over a month and have had absolutely no luck. We decided to try again at the three outlets on 360 in Grand Prairie: Ashley, Rooms to Go, and the RoomStore.

We started off at the beginning of our quest thinking that we'd look for leather because of spills, dogs, etc., but I just really didn't want to do all dark furniture in our main living area (our tables and entertainment center are espresso colored) and I don't feel like leather is quite as comfortable. So I decided to keep the red theme going (our current sofa is a fantastic tomato shade), but then I decided it would be too overbearing to have three red pieces (and my OCD wanted all three to match, so mixing colors and patterns was out of the question).  

Yesterday successfully ended our quest for "grown up furniture" when we fell in love with this set at the RoomStore.
I cannot wait for it to be delivered on Thursday! We have to wait a couple weeks for the chair, but we'll get the sofa and loveseat this week. And that also means that I'll be able to put our sofa in the garage sale in a few weeks.

We celebrated the success by eating dinner at Texas Roadhouse on the way home. Yum-my. We haven't been there in forever, so needless to say, we devoured our fair share of peanuts and rolls with cinnamon honey butter.  

Avery even got to eat big people food again! We weren't planning on being out so late, so I didn't bring any baby food jars with us. I thus ordered accordingly (broccoli and a sweet potato with my chicken tenders) and Avery ate sweet potatoes with me!  She seriously looks so grown up eating from my plate. It's a fun stage though, and I'm excited for her to (slowly) start making the transition to table food! 

Monday hasn't even been so bad. Matt gets to go to the Mavs game tonight while I have a meeting at church and an indoor game, and Avery gets to spend the evening with her "Aunt" Debbie. Bring it!


Anonymous said...

We don't plan on buying furniture anytime soon, but I can't wait until everything seems a little more coordinated (with no stains) around here. And isn't it great that they are able to eat "real" food now?! I'm loving it. Emily never took to eating the pureed foods too much.

Amy said...

Man, you should have come up here since Nana and Pat weren't home....
When are we gonna get to see each other again?!?

Heather said...

Joyce, you're so right! I'm thinking this means I'll have to be a little more conscious of what I cook now, but it'll be good accountability for me!

Amy dear, I have no idea why I didn't think to go up there. Ugh, I miss you! Will I see you Easter though?