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Thursday, March 18, 2010

30(ish) Day Challenge: UPDATE

I'm not gonna lie, I'm exhausted tonight, so this challenge update will be (relatively) brief:

This week was tough, mostly because we were out of town for three days, thus making it especially challenging to complete tasks. I've been working overtime though, so I'm pretty much caught up. Plus, it's my challenge, so I make the rules, right? Ha! Here are some before and afters...

Baby Cabinet
This was probably the project that I'm the least proud of. It's cleared out a little, but it needs to be revisited soon. I just don't have a lot of storage solutions for this stuff right now. It's frustrating, quite honestly.

T-Shirt Drawer
Success. I thought the t-shirt accumulation would end once I graduated from college. I guess I didn't consider that high school teachers/coaches get lots of t-shirts, too. What a relief to discard many of them!

Activewear Drawer
Soccer shorts, soccer pants, soccer socks, regular shorts, random workout stuff. Folded and sorted accordingly.

Avery's Room
This room was out. of. control. I'm so relieved to be done with one of my "bigger" projects. I'm actually calling this more than one task because ohmygoodness, there was a LOT to organize here!

Cookbook Cabinet
This one's tricky. It's above our microwave (above the stove), so it's totally out of my normal reach. Hence the reason stuff gets thrown up there. I cleared out some random stuff that had no business being there in the first place, straightened the books, vacuumed some sawdust out (how did THAT get there?), and now it's a whole new cabinet.

If you're keeping track...
  • cup/glasses cabinet
  • plastic/rubbermaid/etc. cabinet
  • medicine cabinet
  • sock/underwear drawer
  • purses/bags in closet
  • shoes
  • gift wrap
  • filing cabinet
  • game closet
  • baby gear cabinet in kitchen
  • pantry
  • freezer
  • media shelves
  • Avery's blankets
  • Avery's toys
  • Avery's sock/headband drawer
  • Stamps
  • Craft paper
  • Home notebook
  • Recipes
  • Books
  • Laundry room shelf
  • T-shirts
  • Soccer gear
  • Glove box
  • Cookbook cabinet
  • Junk drawer
  • Addresses
  • Bathroom cabinet
  • Cleaning supplies
  • Computer desk

    joyceandnorm said...

    good for you! the baby stuff is always the hardest because it is stuff that you're always using. since i don't work, this time around i just said 'forget the bottles'. do they sell organizers for bottles? well, soon you'll be done with them anyway. did you notice how much space a little body can take up? =p

    Heather said...

    I AM excited to be done with the bottles! Just a few more months I think. And hopefully the next one won't need them at all (or at least as often). Thanks for stopping by!

    Amy said...

    You GO, girl!!! I always save the filing cabinet for last - and it took having a student teacher to get me to do it - lol