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Sunday, March 21, 2010

Sunday Night Dread

I hate this feeling. Sunday night rolls around, and after a perfectly good weekend, I am filled with dismay over the fact that my job actually requires me to go to it. Ugh. Have I mentioned that I'm excited about next year??

Speaking of that perfectly good weekend, here's why I don't want it to end...

Matt's birthday! My favorite person in the whole wide world turned the big 2-7, so we agreed to let Avery spend the night at her grandparents' so we could have a night on the town kind-of-lame-but-really-fun-because-we're-lame dinner/movie date.

Lucky for me, he chose my FAVORITE restaurant (one of the many reasons he's my favorite person!), Chuy's. Ah, bliss. Hello, Chuychanga! YUM.

Then, because I'm a good wife, he even got to pick a Man Movie (vs. the normal Chick Flick that wins out at my persistence, ha!), so we saw The Green Zone. It was surprisingly enjoyable, political agenda aside. Good call, Matty.

And THEN, after months of keeping my mouth shut about his surprise gift, he opened his present of peanuts, sunflower seeds, trail mix, candy, and all of the necessities for us to go to...

...Rangers' Opening Day!!!! He was so surprised. Score! :) We've never gotten to go because of our choir and soccer schedules, but this year it finally worked out. Now if we can just wait until April 5th. I'm so excited I can hardly stand it!

In the morning I met my best friend, Jenn, for breakfast at the Chisolm Grill in Waxahachie. (Side note, I was pleasantly surprised at the quality of food and completely reasonable prices. Will definitely do breakfast there again.) Jenn's moving to New York this week, and since she's been living in Arkansas and I never see her anyway, I was glad to be able to catch up with her while she was in town before she moves even farther away from me. Tear. We ended up just talking (nonstop) for an hour and a half until we had to part ways. I miss that girl!

After I picked up Avery, the afternoon was filled with a girls' shopping excursion with my new friend Kyndra and her daughter Kaelyn. We headed to Arlington for the Just Between Friends consignment sale. They have it twice a year, and I got some major scores when I went in the fall. I got a few cute dresses for Avery, but my favorite deal of the day was this:
Kate Spade diaper bag that I snagged for $35. No joke! It's perfect and I love it (well, as much as you can love a material item)! It's in perfect condition, too.

Avery just loved peeking through the double stroller to try to steal Kaelyn's socks. At least she's easily entertained...
That night Kyndra and her husband Jeff came over with both of their girls for dinner and an attempt at game night. I say "attempt" because there's only so much competing that goes on when you're constantly interrupted by three precious baby girls. For the record, the girls were winning when we had to quit. I'm just saying. It was fun though!

Church today was rough. I really don't want to get into my frustrations because this is not the time nor the outlet to do so, but I was very encouraged by our associate pastor's sermon on living by the spirit. He used a great analogy about how learning to live by the spirit was like a baby first learning to walk; at first it's a conscious effort, step by step, but after a while it becomes second nature. It seems simple enough (and maybe it was so effective for me because my own baby has begun to pull herself up and take supported steps), but the conscious effort thing really stuck out at me. Life in Christ takes discipline. That's hard. And I believe that's also why so many people don't do it. Myself included.

We had a fantastic lunch at my parents', I ran some errands, and then spent the evening with Matt, Avery and Nick.

And now it's bed time so I can continue the Sunday Night Dread as I read my not-so-classic literature. Check out our new kitchen island! I'm out.


Brooklynn said...

love the island!! Super cute!

Anonymous said...

sounds like a fabulous weekend!...except for the frustrations with church which i had awhile back. love the island in your kitchen. and what a great diaper bag find.