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Thursday, March 18, 2010

An Eventful Thursday

I realize this might not be that exciting for most of you. That's okay. Here's today's recap anyway:

We started off our morning trek at 10 am by taking care of the mundane errands like stopping by the post office to pick up some certified mail (Doesn't mail that requires your signature make you feel important? I was sorely disappointed to discover that my mystery letter was simply the acceptance of my resignation.) and then heading to the bank to deposit a check and Costco for some not-so-cheap gas. Man, isn't my life fascinating?
(No, that picture is not of my husband. Or my minivan.)

We continued our quest for living room furniture by checking out Weir's Furniture on Knox St. Their sofas were way too traditional for my taste. Checked out their clearance center a few blocks down. That's usually a hit or miss. Today it was a miss.

The real reason I wanted to head up to Dallas was to go to The Container Store. As anyone who is psychotically methodically organizing her house would tell you, that store is heaven. I went in there to buy this:

And I was pretty good. I did buy these as well. Hey, it could've been much much worse.

Shopping makes you hungry. Plus I had a 30% off coupon for the Gap and we were right by Northpark. Unfortunately, I never know the fastest way to the food court at that stupid place, thus beginning our foreverlong foray to my fast food establishment of choice, Chick-Fil-A. Matt doesn't quite share my affinity for delicious chicken nuggets and beautiful waffle fries, so he opted for Panda Express instead. They do say opposites attract.

After picking up these wardrobe staples at Gap (plus a third tee in solid royal blue), I discovered that the stench that had followed me around the store was, in fact, coming from my offspring. Wonderful. It was time to leave anyway, so we made a pit stop at the restrooms so I could take care of said smell, only to discover that the diaper changing pad (along with diapers, mind you) was nowhere to be found. It was in the bag when we left. It has effectively disappeared. (And that's a baby must-have!)

Since we weren't going home for awhile, I made a desperate run-in to Tom Thumb by the mall to snag some "cheap" diapers to get us through the day. Shoot, even the grocery stores in North Dallas are fancy. (Do I come from podunkville or what?) Even the off brand was still 24 cents a diaper. Stupid rich people.

We dropped Avery off with my mom so we didn't have to try to entertain her in the waiting room at the dentist, alternating as the other got their teeth cleaned. I love my hygienist. Not only is she someone I sincerely admire in the real non-tooth-related world, she's a fantastic mouth cleaner! She even remembers that I hate anything fruity on my teeth, so she always uses minty polish after she's done digging in my teeth with that hideous pointy thing. And Matt and I were both cavity-free! Hehe, I feel like a little kid when I say that, but hey, it's a big deal!

AND ironically enough, while we were at the dentist, my mom texted me to inform me that Avery got her very first tooth! No wonder she woke up screaming last night!

After our disappointment with the "fancy" furniture store, we stopped by Big Lots (that's right, I have no shame) just to see if they had any semi-decent couches. They didn't. But they DID have the perfect island for our kitchen. So we bought it. Eek! I can't wait to see it all set up!
Ours is a black cart with a stainless top, but you get the gist.

A friend from church asked us to go by her house today because she wants give her daughter's fort/play set to someone who will use it since her daughter's outgrown it. It's awesome and I can't wait to get it set up in our back yard. She won't even let us pay her for it; we just have to go disassemble and move it ourselves. No problemo. (Especially for me, since I'm pretty sure Matt will get to do most of the tough labor. Ha!) I loved playing on our fort growing up, and I can't wait for Avery to have a play set of her own.

We were running out of time at this point, so we stopped by my parents' to pick up Avery, who was sound asleep. Go figure. So after we bummed some food off of them, we ran home to let the dogs out and get some food and pajamas for Avery, dropped said food and pajamas off at their house so Uncle Nick could babysit, and then went straight to church for our respective meetings and got home by 9:30.

I'm tired.

But tomorrow is a certain somebody's birthday and I LOVE birthdays!!


Anonymous said...

I'm going to take a nap after reading all that. =p I know it's all relative, but I have to laugh when I hear single people without children complain about how busy they are...esp those on FB playing Farmville. =p Happy birthday to your hubby, my birthday twin!! Woohoo! Have a great time celebrating.

Sarah said...

I was just looking at the same hanging organizer from Container Store online this week! which color did you get?