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Thursday, May 13, 2010

10 Month Update

Better late than never, right? Here's what you're up to this month, Avery:
  • You're getting SO big! You're 21 lbs now, wearing 12 (and 18!) month clothes, and still wearing size three diapers.
  • Since you're such a "big girl" now, you've decided that you're just too cool for the exersaucer and door jumper. You used to love those things! Now they're just too restrictive for your unending desire to move.
  • You are crawling like a champ and walking with help. You pull yourself up onto any type of furniture, and you're into everything, especially bags and door stops (you're fascinated by the springy noise!).
  • It's getting warmer now, and you've discovered the wonder of a good fan. You just sit in front of them and take in the breeze. It's so stinkin' cute watching your hair go crazy while you bite your bottom lip. 
  • You've had two double ear infections already, and you've got pretty crummy allergies. It's supposedly a pretty bad allergy season this year, so we'll chalk it up to that for now. 
  • We still think you're brilliant. You love to say "boo" and crack up when we pop up from behind the couch. It's your favorite game! (Although pat-a-cake is a close second: you're a pro at rolling up the dough.)
  • You understand "No," but you. are. a. stubborn. little. girl. I have NO idea where that aspect of your personality came from. Okay, fine. But stubborn little girls grow into strong women. We'll just have to work on the whole, you know, obedience thing. Those adorable little temper tantrums where you drop your head and just sob like the world is ending won't be adorable for much longer.
  • You love love love music, and you dance and clap every time you hear anything that resembles a melody.
  • You love bath time almost as much as you love music. You just splash and splash and crawl around chasing after your toy letters. You even brush your own teeth now! You screamed at me last night when I took the toothbrush away. I'm glad you understand the importance of good hygiene, but remember that obedience thing I mentioned earlier?
  • You're eating lots more table food now; in fact, you really don't like it when we feed you anymore. You'd much rather do it all yourself, Miss Independent. Oh, and your favorite foods are peas and cheerios. Weird combo, but it's healthy I guess!

You're growing up so fast, but we're loving every minute of it. We love YOU, sweet girl!

Mommy and Daddy


Anonymous said...

happy 10 months!

Kati said...

Peas and Cheerios. Don't knock it till you try it right? :> I like the monthly updates you're doing; that will be really neat to look back on.