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Monday, May 3, 2010

Not Me! Monday

In true Monday fashion...

It was not me who yesterday ate no less than four slices of banana bread, a chocolate twist donut, two mega cookies, a cupcake (plus batter!), a huge plate of nachos (taco meat, guac, salsa, and cheese), plus a cheesy, buttery, Italian lunch. I obviously realize I'm not sixteen anymore and my metabolism isn't quite what is used to be, so I would never sabotage my efforts to lose the rest of my baby weight.

It was also not me who stayed up too late last night. Again. I know the reason I've been so exhausted is that I haven't been getting enough rest, so I know better than to stay up until midnight when I have to be up early the next day.

When I set a goal for myself, I complete it. That's why it was not me who didn't finish last month's scrapbooking challenge. I'm determined to be finished with Avery's first year album by her first birthday, so of course I would stay on top of things.

I love my mom. I love Matt's mom. That's why it is not me who hasn't even decided what to get them for Mother's Day. I'm much more prepared than that.

What have you not been up to lately?


Anonymous said...

Are the months going by faster or what?

Kati said...

Um, everything you ate yesterday sounds delicous!! :> I too remember the days when I would chow down at CiCi's and not bat an eye. Good times. Don't stress about Mother's Day- we haven't bought our presents either!

Brooklynn said...

What about you? What might you be getting for YOUR Mother's Day? The first official one too, I might add.