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Thursday, May 20, 2010

Well that was fun.

Passing periods are crazy at the high school. They're even crazier when the cool-as-a-cucumber associate principal frantically comes over the loudspeaker yelling for everyone to take cover because there's a tornado forming right above the school.

Naturally, I grabbed my kids who were right outside my door and already in the classroom and we huddled together on the inside wall.

Meanwhile, my idiot courageous husband was outside taking this picture:

Um, honey, next time please stay inside when there is a funnel cloud forming over your head.

Let me tell you how fun it is to try and keep yourself composed in front of your panicking students when all you can think of is your precious daughter who is a mile away in a very old building with 95 other helpless babes and this is outside their facility:

Okay, honestly, had I known then just how small the tornado actually was, I probably wouldn't have been quite as fearful, but come on. It was sunny outside and BAM. Duck and cover. Except apparently you're not supposed to duck and cover anymore. (I guess all those tornado drills in junior high were a waste of my precious awkward time.)

The tornado did eventually touch down, but it was in a field and only lasted for a little while, but holy chicken, I do not want to experience that ever. again.


Anonymous said...

Yikes! I can't see the pics, but I can only imagine...even if it's a small one, still makes you feel powerless. We've had some earthquakes here recently.

Amy said...

wow! soooooo glad my precious cousins are ok! Can't see the pix either...I wanna see! I'm a tornado/weather freak...not sure if you knew that about me - I would have been out there with Matt! I wathced the weather coverage that I recorded today b/c it all happened during As the World Turns. Yep, I love the drama - even if it's after the fact! haha!
REALLY glad y'all are ok! And Avery too!

Kati said...

So scary! I'm glad you were all ok!!

Amy said...

Wow! Now that's cool! (after the fact, of course!)