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Wednesday, May 26, 2010


Lots of thoughts. Here I go.

I hate not having a camera. My phone camera is completely subpar, and since I sold our old camera, I've been totally missing out on a ridiculous amount of photography opportunities. Go figure. So Monday night we bit the bullet and ordered our new point and shoot, and it shipped yesterday. Yippee! We should have it hopefully by this weekend.

Speaking of weekends, the last one was awesome. I met a friend from high school for breakfast on Saturday morning, had a Target date (with myself, ha!) that afternoon, went to a relaxing Sunday School get together that night, and then on Sunday we had no plans.That never happens, so it was a welcome break. Then on Monday night I went to see Letters to Juliet (cute, but nothing spectacular) with the girls in our Lifegroup. I know Monday's not part of the weekend. I don't care; it was fun.

Avery's getting her top teeth (or just tooth? I can't even tell) and they are thisclose to breaking through the gums. She's been a lot fussier than usual (not that I blame her because that can't be comfortable), but fortunately for us, "fussier than usual" isn't that bad because she's usually so laid back. Anyway, apparently today she was just not. happy. I got an email from the day care asking if I had any Tylenol or Orajel I could take up there to give her because she wouldn't "eat, drink, or be merry." (I love our day care. Seriously, they're awesome.) Since I'm such a Supermom, of course I had some in my purse, so I ran it up to there so she'd feel better and all would be well. Except I'm not Supermom, which meant that I could either wait a couple hours until Matt had his conference period to take her some meds, or I could skip lunch and run home to get some right then. I opted for the latter option. I made it home and back in record time and walked in to her room while she was "napping" in the swing, but she was just whimpering and looking so pathetic, and I almost lost it right then because I hate it when I'm not there to make her feel better. A baby dose of Tylenol and three teething tablets later, she was back to sleep. Fortunately my fourth period is absolutely angelic (well, for sophomores at the end of the year), so it didn't even matter that I made it back to school 5 minutes after the bell rang.

I miss my husband. Our schedules have been completely out of alignment for the past few weeks. When he's home, I've got commitments. When I'm home, he has commitments. I'm really ready for summer. We'll be busy, but at least we'll be busy together.

Diapers are expensive. Carrie Underwood was the best American Idol. Glee is getting on my nerves a little bit, but I keep watching it because I love Idina Menzel. I have too much work to do right now to be blogging. My house is a wreck. I have get to babysit sophomores at their field day tomorrow (don't ask me, it was a TAKS incentive), which means I'll be outside all day. I burn really easily. I need to memorize lines. My sister's home for the summer! I really need to get to work now.

On that note, I'm out.

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Anonymous said...

I can't remember how we did it back in the day without digital cameras! We just got a dSLR!! Like we don't have enough photos already. I think we have teething over here too. It was a bad night last night. =( Poor babies.....and their poor mommies and daddies who have to listen to them cry. =(

What diapers do you get and where do you get them from?