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Monday, May 31, 2010

We love weekends! (pt. 1)

The three-day weekend started off really s.l.o.w. Matt was out of town Friday night for a UIL thing, so after Avery went to bed around 8, my evening consisted of wedding shows, Oreos, Facebook, texting Matt, and grading TKAM projects.

Avery doesn't yet understand the concept of sleeping in on Saturdays, so we hung out for awhile before heading up to Rockwall for Kendra and Carlos' wedding.
"Stop taking pictures of me, Mom. I'm busy."
New haircut!

Coming in the next installment: THE wedding!


Kati said...

How cute is she just sitting there!? I saw the pics yous sister did for their engagement/wedding; they look great!

joyceandnorm said...

Finally got around to visiting all the blogs in my reader. =p What a week!

Wedding shows - like...well, not shows really since we don't have a TV, but like anything related to weddings and planning them.

Oreos - yum, haven't had one in a long time though.

Facebook - what's up with all the privacy setting issues? i don't even get half of my friends' status updates anymore.

texting Matt - like, not texting Matt, but love texting. hate talking on the phone.

grading TKAM projects - don't know what TKAM is, but i haven't graded papers in forever.