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Friday, May 21, 2010

Friday Five: Matt Edition :)

1. I'm very thankful that he didn't get sucked away in yesterday's tornado when he was outside taking pictures of it.

2. And I'm SO proud of him! Last night was the last choir concert of the school year, and his mixed choir was amazing. By the way, his choir was the only choir from our school to win sweepstakes at UIL this year (even the varsity choirs didn't get it). He works so hard and does a phenomenal job with his kids, and he doesn't get nearly enough credit for it. Did I mention I'm proud of him??

This is my Matt-in-a-Box. I don't know. It was a choir thing. They're weird. :) 

3. So he got a much-deserved day off today. He even got to (kind of) sleep in!  

4. And he gets to have a testosterone-filled evening at our youth group's Nerf War tonight. Even if he does end up just being the referee. Watch out, kids, he's sneaky!

5. I've been super-sensitive lately and have been totally misreading his usually-funny jokes, so things have been abnormally tense between us. But I love him more than I love Blue Bell ice cream (which is a lot) and can't imagine my life without him. 

On a non-Matt-related side note, I'm so excited about this weekend because I'm meeting my sweet friend Kati for breakfast on Saturday morning at Cafe Brazil and some of the ladies in our Lifegroup are going to see Letters to Juliet on Sunday after church. And of course, I'll get lots of time with my precious baby girl and the aforementioned goober. 

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Alicia said...

Wow, that picture of the tornado is wild! I've never seen a tornado (thankfully). was the two hours of pushing for you? That was the most KILLER part for me! And yes, definitely worth it...
~Alicia said...

that picture is TERRIFYING! I mean, he's in a BOX! No I'm kidding, I'm talking about the tornado picture.

Anonymous said...

I wasn't in a box... I was a box. It was for halloween!

Cathy said...

Crazy tornado pictures this week. Way too close!
Love your list of fav's! I share your love for Blue Bell. I mean is there any other ice cream worth eating??

Anonymous said...

1. No tornado here, but it was super duper windy today. We were at a grad/bday party and Melody went outside to play with some of the kids. I went out to get her and I think I'm still trying to thaw.

2. Yeah, choir people are weird. Wait, I was in choir for a number of years....

3. Sleeping in!!

4. BIL's best friend, who is a youth pastor, is totally into Nerf War. He has a huge collection of guns. haha Fun stuff...

5. Sorry to hear about the tension. It happens. Hope you guys can get through it. I don't think they have Blue Bell over here, but Ben & Jerry's keep going on sale and of course, Norm has to buy some...everytime. Does he realize I'm in a wedding in less than 2 months?

Hope you had a great breakfast with your friend, and enjoy the movie.