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Wednesday, April 7, 2010

9 Month Update

Sweet Baby Girl, it's been an eventful month! You're getting so big and active, and I can already tell that you're gonna keep me on my toes!

Here's what you're up to these days: 
  • You love playing the piano! Without fail, if one of us is playing, you reach for the keys. If we actually need to play and don't let you sit with us, you freak out and scream! 
  • You still love the princess wave (both arms gesticulating at whomever will pay attention) and even wave on command now. It makes you look really smart when we say, "Avery, tell (fill in the blank) hi!" and you just start waving away. Cuteness!
  • In other language development news, you still "talk" all the time, and you're starting to say "uh-oh" whenever you drop things. You also understand the word "no," which doesn't surprise me because you've heard us tell the puppies that so many times!
  • You eat like a champ and have been chewing more now that you finally got some teeth (one and a half to be precise)! You sometimes get to eat real food with us at the table (cut up green beans, bananas, and sweet potatoes) and snack on little puffs, which you love to grab up and feed yourself. At first you gagged on them every time you put them in your mouth, but you quickly got the hang of it.
  • You have also become a professional army crawler in the past month. I have, therefore, become a professional chaser. I can't set you down anywhere! It's also making it necessary for us to finally get around to baby proofing the house. I'll get Daddy right on that. :) 
  • He's already lowered your crib because you almost climbed straight out of that thing! That made for a nice impromptu bedtime project. You're not going anywhere now! Especially when you look so cute all curled up in the corner of the bed. Sigh. You make my heart melt.
  • You love to stand up (holding on to things of course), and I think you would walk a whole mile while holding onto our hands if we let you! 
  • You got your first ear infection(s) a couple weeks ago, but your last well check-up was fun (mostly because you didn't have to get any shots)! You made lots of friends in the waiting room and then just had a blast playing with the paper that covers the exam bench. We found out that you are in the 100th percentile in height (no, you may not play basketball) and the 81st for weight. We also got referred to pediatric ophthalmologist so that we can figure out what to do about your goopy eyes. But you're a happy, healthy girl! 
  • We even were able to get you enrolled in a twice-a-week preschool program for next year, and I'm SO excited that you'll have a chance to get some social interaction that you've gotten so accustomed to at daycare this year. (Plus, I'll use those days to work at the church. Double win!) 
We can't wait to see what this month holds-- we love you, Avery!


Anonymous said...

happy 9 months!!

Brooklynn said...

she is way too cute!