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Thursday, April 1, 2010

A Retraction and an Update

Okay, okay. Perhaps I was too harsh in my disdain for denim capris yesterday. There are plenty of styles that don't look awful, and when I see people wearing them, I don't typically run away screaming. Truly, there are far worse fashion options. However. For me, they are simply not practical.  Denim is a heavy fabric and is therefore perfect for long jeans. I also don't even mind it for (longbecausemylegsareawful) shorts.  I can't even effectively explain it, but that in-between length just irks me. There. Is that better? Please, if you adore your denim capris, don't let me stop you from struttin' your stuff. (Although I'd be lying if I said I wasn't a little flattered that my measly opinion would stop you in the first place! Ha!) 

Anyway. It's Thursday, which means that it's time for a 30(ish) Day Challenge Update! In all honesty, I feel like I fizzled out on the March challenge toward the end of the month. That probably explains a lot about me. I start off strong but have a tendency to "lose steam" toward the end of a project. Ah, I am a work in progress. 

Since the last update, I organized my purses, shoes, and craft room. Okay, I know that's not technically a week's worth of organization. The before and after pictures are not that impressive, but the important thing is that they are done. 

Purses: BEFORE
Purses: AFTER
Craft Table: BEFORE
Craft Table: AFTER
And since it is officially April now, I'm done, too. Well, done with the organizing challenge at least. Here's how I fared:
  • cup/glasses cabinet
  • plastic/rubbermaid/etc. cabinet
  • medicine cabinet
  • sock/underwear drawer
  • purses/bags in closet
  • shoes
  • gift wrap
  • filing cabinet
  • game closet
  • baby gear cabinet in kitchen
  • pantry
  • freezer
  • media shelves
  • Avery's blankets
  • Avery's toys
  • Avery's sock/headband drawer
  • stamps
  • craft paper
  • home notebook
  • recipes
  • books
  • laundry room shelf
  • t-shirts
  • soccer gear
  • glove box
  • cookbook cabinet
  • junk drawer
  • addresses
  • bathroom cabinet
  • cleaning supplies
  • computer desk

  • The unfinished projects are my lesser evils, so to speak. I'm proud of the progress I made last month in getting our home back in order. I'll be even more proud after we have our garage sale in a couple of weeks and I can be rid of the clutter! 

    Since I know you're dying to know (ha!), and if you haven't been following the updates, my next challenge is:

    I'm going to be a little more realistic this time around though, and I'm not going to commit to working on this project every. single. day. Let's face it, life is busy and babies are unpredictable. I am setting a measurable goal though, and that is to complete 45 pages by the end of the month. (For all you non-mathemagicians (hehe) out there, that's only 1.5 pages a day.) I'll continue posting my progress on Thursdays-- feel free to join me!


    Anonymous said...

    we need a start-strong-and-fizzle support group.

    The Redhead Riter said...

    I would love to spend all day scrapbooking!