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Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Tuesday's List: All-Time Favorite Movies

Today's list is All-Time Favorite Movies. (Movies that I qualify as favorites are those that I can- and DO- watch over and over again.) I'm about to reveal my absolute lameness, but I'm okay with that.

Beauty and the Beast
This movie just makes me happy. I used to watch it over and over just so I could sing along with Belle at the top of my lungs. I even had super-cool Belle pajamas when I was seven, and let me tell ya, I rocked those pajamas and wore them until they pretty much fell apart. I was that cool. Don't be jealous.

You've Got Mail
How can you not love a beautiful rivalry-turned-romance movie? Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan go together like apples and peanut butter. (Well shoot, now I'm hungry.)

That Thing You Do
This movie is so underrated. It's got fun music, is set in the 60s, stars Tom Hanks (love him!), and has a super sweet love story. Go watch it. You'll love it.

The Wedding Planner
This movie provided many a night of distraction during college when I was supposed to be writing papers. I can quote almost the entire movie. I can't tell you what most of my writing assignments were about. You've gotta get your priorities straight, right? (Side note: I had a fantastic GPA, so it obviously didn't hurt too much.) Plus, Matthew McConaughey is hot. The end.

Romy and Michele's High School Reunion
Ah, Lisa Kudrow, people don't give you enough credit. Matt finally watched this movie with me about a year ago because he wanted to find out why I loved it so much. He still doesn't know.

10th grade. Choir trip. Newsies sing-along. Dorks? Yes. So much fun? Absolutely. I'm a sucker for musicals, especially ones that feature cute singing and dancing boys. Hello, Christian Bale, forget Batman. You should be in more musicals. I'm just saying.

How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
Did I mention that I have a huge crush on Matthew McConaughey? Well, I should tell you that I also have a girl-crush on Kate Hudson. LOVE HER. And that yellow dress is gorgeous.

While You Were Sleeping
I cannot tell you how much I love this movie. About five years ago, I tried to find it so I could finally add it to my dvd collection, but I was completely out of luck. It wasn't in stores anywhere, and I couldn't even find it online. My little brother found it for me for Christmas though. I cried. And then I watched the movie again and cried some more. Seriously, this story is so sappy sweet and it gets me every. single. time.

Remember the Titans
Denzel Washington + inspirational sports movie = WIN.

Okay, so you probably noticed a trend (and an obvious lack of film sophistication). I love am obsessed with chick flicks. I admit it. What are your favorites? Get the blog button and instructions here and join in! 


joyceandnorm said...

Beauty and the Beast is my favorite one too! There's a couple on your list I haven't seen, but I also like Remember the Titans, and Wedding Planner is cute.

Brooklynn said...

Ok. LOVE the Newsies, The Wedding Planner, and Romi and Michelle. How to Lose a Guy is another one too. I will watch them all over and over again.

And Dave hates it! HA!