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Wednesday, April 21, 2010

I'm bored.

Two more days and counting until I'm not relegated to my desk day in and day out. I'm ready to be a productive member of society the classroom.

I want to kick somebody. Although we usually play on Mondays, I'm so relieved that we have an indoor game tonight because I have some pent up aggression that's begging to be set free.

Have you ever checked out this blog? The Hostess With the Mostess is brilliant! And I've discovered her just in time to start planning for Avery's first birthday. Holy cow, it's hard to believe that this summer she'll be a whole year old. No need to fret: I will not be joining the ranks of parents who spend thousands of dollars on a party their kid won't even remember. I do, however, want to come up with a color scheme and some cute ideas for a small family party. I need an excuse to get creative. (Plus, the kid may not remember, but pictures last forever!)

I never thought I'd say this (ever), but I'm beginning to prefer Walmart to Target. Oh, it hurts to admit it. Most of our grocery shopping is done at Kroger or HEB, but when I do have to get food items at the superstores, Target hates me. Their produce is awful (and so expensive). Their frozen fruits are laden with sugar. Their frozen vegetables are pre-salted. Their baby food jars (that I have to buy for day care, but that's a whole other issue) are either Gerber or Earth's Best (both overpriced and where's the Beech Nut?!?). And they don't sell unfrosted strawberry Pop Tarts (so what if I shouldn't be eating them in the first place?). So boo, Target, I'm sad that our relationship has come to this point.

I was interrogated yesterday. TWICE. Once at school by our on-campus officer (crazy drama there, but it's off my back now-- whew! ) and once at home by a private investigator who was digging up some dirt on a loan company who had signed the papers on the mystery house across the street. Juicy! Or not. But it did add some intrigue to our evening.

I'm nearing my 100th blog post. That milestone calls for a list. I'd better get on that.


Anonymous said...

I love Hostess with the Mostess! I could never create a party of such caliber, but it is so fun to look at how creative people can be.

Amy said...

HEY! I'd better be invited to that "family party" this summer! :) I was there for 20 hours before she finally appeared! haha!

Brooklynn said...

WHAT HOUSE!! Juicy gossip, I love it!