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Friday, April 16, 2010

Friday Five

It's Friday again, and you know what that means! Oh, you don't? Let me enlighten you: it's time for the Friday Five (aka Heather's Random Life-Snapshots). It also happens to be Company Girl Coffee day, so welcome Company Girls!

Feel free to blog your own Five (but be a doll and link back to me pleaseandthankyou) and give me the link so I can catch up on your life's randomness!

1. I'm teaching today! I've missed my kiddos, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't tired of being "the woman behind the computer screen" every. single. day. Next week is my student teacher's last week, so I'll be back in action (and just in time to finish up my teaching career).

2. Last night I had the opportunity to help out be on the roster for my friend Kari's softball team. It was an unpleasant reminder as to why I was a soccer player my entire life. However, I am the queen of the swinging bunt. Okay, fine, so it isn't intentional. It gets me on base though!

3. The high school I teach at has a coffee shop. I love this. I especially love this on Friday mornings when I have a free coffee coupon. Large white chocolate mocha? Yes, please! And now I'm awake.

4. I'm wearing my contacts today! I haven't posted much about my eye drama, but long story short, I've been restricted to my (eight-year-old) glasses for the past week and a half. Granted, it was my own fault for overwearing my contact lenses, which resulted in some pretty serious eye infections, but lesson learned.

5. Weekend preview: family walks, movie nights, home-cooked meals, Little Women auditions, church on Sunday, and whatever else we feel like.

Happy Friday!


Lea said...

Enjoyed stopping by today, always do! My daughter's student teacher's last week is next week too. It hasn't been a pleasant experience this year so she'll be glad. In past years her experiences have been delightful. Have a wonderful week-end and God's richest blessings to you!

Aiming4Simple said...

Your Friday Five always bring a smile to my face. I never knew how to refer to my softball swing until now. Fortunately, I haven't had to play/ bunt in years!

Caty said...

What part are you auditioning for? I so would love to be in that. I'm out of town for almost all of June so I can't even try. lol I miss you.

Anonymous said...

1. Enjoy the rest of your school year. I love that my sister is a teacher because I get to hang out with her in the summer.
2. I am so not good at softball...well, most sports, but I'm just bad at softball, however, I think baseball is one of my favorite sports to watch. Okay, I'm just bad at most sports.
3. I definitely needed my caffeine this week, but I mostly drink tea.
4. In high school I know a girl who wore her contacts for a whole year. Don't ask me what happened to her eyes. Yuck. Hope your infection is gone.
5. We're definitely thinking about going to the park with the nice weather...finally! Weekends is my time off from cooking because I cook the rest of the week. =p

Hubby loves the bottomless fries and drinks at Red Robin. We always get great service there no matter which we go to.

One More Equals Four said...

I am a much better fan than I am player of anything!

Glad you are enjoying the coffee shop, what a great idea! I would have to by pass the actual coffee, though.

Enjoy the weekend!

Brooklynn said...

We totally would have! I forgot Dave's nephew had his birthday party this afternoon. I thought we weren't going but we feel was at a cool place in Southlake though. Very cool for kiddos, Indoor Safari was the name.

Good luck on auditions! We just got home, it's been a long day.

Ashley said...

I'm a soccer player who should stay away from the softball field, too. But, in my less experienced years (junior high/high school), I managed to keep our church softball team "humble" by my lack of awesome skills! LOL :) I'd rather sit and watch my hubbie play anyday!

Anonymous said...

I love your Friday Five - I just might have to steal your idea. :)

Melinda said...

How did the auditions go?