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Friday, September 17, 2010

Friday Five: Better Late Than Never

So what that it's almost Saturday? Here's the Five:

1. The reason this is late, in case you're wondering, which you're probably not, is because Avery and I took a little road trip today. Woohoo! We made the trek out to Marshall, home of my beloved alma mater, ETBU. (Go Tigers!) Seriously, I loved spending four years of my life at that place. Granted, the town is pretty ghetto, and you can't sneeze without the whole school knowing about it (it's tiny). But I have some super special memories there. We went today because Howard Payne (my sister's team) was playing ETBU (soccer, if you don't know me at all). I even wore an HPU shirt. Does that make me a traitor? Kidding. It is a little weird to 1) watch a soccer game there without being on the field, 2) watch said game in non-ETBU garb, and 3) go back to a place that I loved that just doesn't feel the same anymore without the people who made the experience special. That said, it was great to see Allison and spend the day with family.

2. Go Rangers! Holy cow, they're on FIRE! Well, except for the game they're playing at this very moment. I just want to make sure it's publicly known that I have loved the Rangers win or lose for years and years and, therefore, am not jumping on any bandwagon. I do miss watching the games though. Stupid contract with Fox Sports that makes the antenna TV watcher miss every game except for Fridays. Now if only we could afford those playoff tickets.

3. Who invented Nutella? I would like to hug and kiss him. Or her. But if it's a her that could be awkward. I guess it's awkward if it's a him, too, since I'm married and all. Anyway. I decided I love the stuff. Especially on animal crackers! Who knew? I wonder if Matt will notice that I've pretty much finished off his entire jar.

4. And now I'm scarfing down some cappuccino oatmeal chocolate cookies made by my fantastic husband. I should leave him to fend for himself more often. Yum!

5. I should step away from the cookies long enough to drag myself to bed. I'm spending my Saturday organizing closets in the children's wing at church. It's a project that been postponed for entirely too long. Try to contain your jealousy.

I hope your weekend includes more excitement than organizing closets and pigging out on cookies!


Anonymous said...

Still a couple of hours before Saturday here, so you're still good.

Love Nutella. That's all. Good night.

Kati said...

Tell Matt if he gets the urge to bake again, I'll accept a batch of those cookies :> And I need to get some Nutella too. Don't you love the satisfaction you get after a good closet clean?