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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Roomie Weekend

Everybody always says that your best friends are the ones you meet in college. Something like that anyway.

Mine are Candie and Tiff. Candace and Tiffany. Howie and Harold.

We've come a long way from that fateful day in August of 2001 when I met them at our first day of soccer two-a-days. I was a sheltered little freshman who was beyond terrified of moving to a place where I knew no one. Candie and I clicked right away (she was a sophomore transfer, so she was in the newbie boat with me), and since she and Tiff had been assigned to be roommates, Tiffany hated me from the beginning (a little tidbit I learned way after the fact).

It's a good thing I'm so lovable (ha!) because Tiff eventually came around. I ended up spending the majority of my freshman year hanging out in their room in Linebery instead of my own in Merle Bruce, and we bonded over road trips, spelling games, chick flicks, late-night conversations, coffee houses, Walmart runs, and Chick-fil-a.

I got to be their official roommate my sophomore year, and we lived together until Tiff graduated and Candie got married in December of 2003. I still had three semesters left, and I was so sad they left me. (p.s. I did live with some super cool chicks for the rest of college, so all was not lost.)

(p.p.s. It is killing me that I can't find pictures from "the early days." OMG. Where are they?!? I know I have prints; I'll just have to scan them later.)

There are way too many stories to tell. We've been there for each other through break-ups, new jobs, family drama, new relationships, weddings, and now even babies.

You know those friends you can go for a month without talking to but then call them up and it's like time never passed? Yeah, that's them. Now that we're spread across Texas (Tiff in Houston, Candie in Austin, and me in DFW), we try to all get together at least three times a year.

Labor Day Weekend 2009
New Years Eve 2009
This past weekend was one of those times. It was just a short visit this time, but we got to meet Tiff's brand spankin' new daughter, Macyn. She's just too precious.

And Avery wasted no time trying to be the center of attention. No surprises there.

We even got to go swimming at the rec center (which has a sweet indoor play pool), and continued working on Avery and Jacob's arranged marriage. It's worth a shot.

I love these girls so much! Here's to many more years of laughter, ice cream, and sharing life.

Wow, that was cheesy.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

That is so wonderful! I love meeting up with friends who we haven't seen in a long time and chat up like the old times.