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Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weekend Update

Weekends rock. So do weekdays now for that matter, but since this post is titled Weekend Update, I'll stick to that.

Dinner at Mom and Dad's. Yum. Avery discovered how to take off her diaper. Hilarious. Scrapbooking with some ladies from church. Made 34 cards. Blue Bell ice cream before bed. Alliterative goodness.

Semi-spontaneous visit to Denton to hang out with Aaron and Chelsea (bro and sis-in-law). Lunch at my new favorite place for Mexican. Fuzzy's Taco Shop. Bliss. Festival downtown. Frozen yogurt. Dinner at Nana's. Overdue and such a blessing to spend time with grandparents. Late night talks on the way home.

Church's 12th anniversary. Sang Shadowfeet for the offertory (thanks to my multi-talented husband who is officially better than me at the piano). Heard the Word. Spent the afternoon with Kendra and Carlos. Backyard is (finally) mowed. Church dinner. Babysat the kiddos. Cowboy game.

On a side note, I need to take more (and better) pictures.


Anonymous said...

Happy anniversary to your church! Hubby is better than I am on the piano too. I guess it helps that he took 12 years of lessons. I never took lessons but I taught myself some and he taught me how to improvise by playing chords.

Have a wonderful week!

Amy said...

I so need to try Fuzzy's! Maybe we can do that on our slumber party night - there's one a short jaunt away from me!