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Monday, September 20, 2010

Weekend Update

One of the perks of not having to be at work is that I could to go to Allison's day game at ETBU. We left around 10 and, after a lunch stop at Dairy Palace in Canton, made it to Marshall by 1:30. Mom Fail: not bringing sunscreen. Mom Win: getting dinner at Walmart (Hawaiian rolls, lunchmeat, cheese, bananas, apples, and carrots) to eat at the field before we left instead of making an hour-long dinner stop on the trip home. HPU coaching drama aside, it was a good day trip.
Loving Grandma's sunglasses
Nick and Dad intently watching the game
I know I have tons of pictures like this. So what?
I am LOVING the fact that Avery loves baby dolls now. She's so sweet with her "bebes."
Oh brother.
I love this! And I definitely miss all those trees.
Avery can make anybody's bad day better. :)
Can you tell she likes to be the center of attention?

Every other Saturday there is a farmer's market in our town. We always see the signs for it, but we've never actually made the time to go. We decided it was time to check it out.  It was tiny but good! We got a basket of tomatoes, 3 massive zucchinis, and some cilantro lime pasta that I cannot wait to try.

At least it's shaded since it's still burning up here in Texas.

After church we went with Kendra and Carlos to Lauren and Brian's house for Carlos' Venezuelan empanadas. YUM! 
There was much Cowboy watching

And the girls trekked across the street to check out the new house. I trekked in the mud.
Avery loves her some Kendra!
Oh, and Cheerios. Especially stale ones that have been at Lauren's since the last time we were there (around 2 months ago, yuck).


Kati said...

Fun! Avery is so cute, especially in that last outfit. What are you going to do with your zucchini's? Put some in pasta or make zucchini bread! I've never made that but I want to.

Anonymous said...

Great pics! Always fun to walk around the farmer's market.