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Saturday, March 30, 2013

A Picture-less Catch Up Post

It's been awhile since I wrote a catch up post, so you might need to get comfortable!

Um, I don't even know where to start.

I guess we can start with the fact that I'm losing my mind. I have no idea how March flew by so quickly, but my calendar is telling me that April starts on Monday. Yikes!

I've been sewing up a storm. I'm really super thankful for good Etsy sales lately, but I'm also a little overwhelmed at the moment. I've had a few big orders hit all at once, and I'm doing a craft show in a couple weeks, so I'm trying to build up my inventory for that at the same time as filling orders that come in from my Etsy shop. It normally wouldn't be a huge deal to get it all finished, but

I am so, so, so tired.

I can't sleep lately. Between insomnia and cold/allergy symptoms, I am a zombie. 

I'm also trying to keep up with children's ministry responsibilities (VBS is coming up fast), and Matt and I are in charge of coordinating a marriage conference at our church next month, so that's not helping the stress level. But...

We got a new washing machine! Our old one was leaking every time we ran it because it was about a hundred years old. We were just dealing with it, and Matt was gonna get a new hose for it because it was an inexpensive fix, but then a fantastic deal basically fell in our laps and we couldn't pass it up. Our new (ahem, used) fancy schmancy washer even matches the fancy schmancy dryer that we were handed down from my super generous brother. Crazy, huh? Anyway, it'll come in handy when Harper is born this summer because I've decided we're going to 

cloth diaper this time around. I know. Everybody has an opinion. It's too much work. It's gross. I'm crazy. You can save your opinions because I honestly don't care what everybody thinks. It's gonna save us a crap load of money (pun totally intended) and the diapers are adorable. I guess it's better for the environment, too. Whatever. It's not that much more work, and cloth diapering has changed a LOT in recent years. So yay! We've already started collecting our stash so we don't get a huge hit all at once, and I'd be tempted to try them out on Landon if I wasn't getting all the girly colors. :)

Tomorrow's Easter (yay!), and my Facebook feed is bombarded with everyone's cute egg hunts and Easter pictures. We haven't done a dang Easter-y thing this year (besides talk to our kids about the meaning), so apparently I'm out of the loop. We did get some little Dollar Tree baskets (not even the Easter kind, haha) and a few goodies to put in them though. And I think we'll dye some eggs and send the kids on a little hunt tomorrow while we're at my parents' for lunch, but other than that, we're going low key. I'm totally okay with that. Oh, and Avery has a cute dress that matches Landon's little hat. 

The Rangers have their first regular season game tomorrow!! And we open against the Astros, our in-state nemesis and newest division rivals. Looks like we'll be crashing at my parents' to mooch off their ESPN.

Matt's parents are coming in town next weekend, so we're looking forward to that! Next weekend is also Opening Weekend at the Ballpark, and we have tickets to Saturday's game, so yay for that, too!

Avery and Landon are super fun these days. Well, with the exception of Avery's extreme mood swings and Landon's temper tantrums. They love playing outside together, and they crack each other up.

Matt's been busy being awesome. He did tons of laundry today (after I may have thrown a huge hint at him by sorting all of our baskets into piles in the living room, haha) and even kept the kitchen clean. He knew I needed to hole up in my sewing room, so he manned the fort so I could get some work done. He's super busy at work, too. I love his job during the summer. Spring, not so much.

And that's about all the writing I can do tonight. Sorry about the lack of pictures. Hopefully I'll take a few tomorrow and will have some to post next time. But I've just been informed that we have to be at church by 8 tomorrow morning. Yikes. Good night!

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