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Thursday, March 21, 2013

Happy 30th to Matt!

Matt celebrated his 30th on Tuesday! I feel like 30 is the magic adult number. Like you're still allowed to be semi-immature when you're in your twenties, but once you hit your third decade you have to be a grown up. I'm sure glad he has to grow up before I do!

So how does one celebrate such a huge milestone? By spending it with family and friends at a very cliche surprise party, of course!

Matt made throwing this party super easy. As in, he basically threw it himself.  I decided a few weeks ago to invite our people to dinner at Red Robin because 1) it's one of his favorite places, 2) they give you a free burger on your birthday, 3) kids eat for $1 on Tuesdays, 4) I figured he'd want to eat there on his birthday anyway, and 5) I didn't have to clean my house.

So the weekend before his birthday he announced that he had the best idea. We should go to Red Robin on his birthday because he'd get a free meal and the kids would eat for cheap. Sure, what a great idea! And could he invite Nick and Brittany since we hadn't seen them in forever? Of course, I'm sure they don't have other plans! 

I actually thought he knew about it and was just playing along, but he swears he had no idea. So there you have it. I didn't even have to do anything but invite everybody to show up 15 minutes before us and buy a cake to send with my mom. 

The party wasn't the only surprise; I snagged two tickets to Opening Weekend for Matt's birthday present. Rangers vs. Angels and only two more weeks to wait! That may also be a gift to myself, but HAPPY BIRTHDAY, MATT!!!

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Brooklynn said...

Sorry we had to miss it! :(