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Monday, March 11, 2013

Mellow Mushroom and Funky Finds!

It's Spring Break, y'all!

To celebrate, we had a fun family day on Saturday.

We started out helping out at our church's giveaway (like a free garage sale) in the morning.

From there we headed out to Ft. Worth to try out a food truck park Matt's been wanting to check out. It was pretty windy and gloomy though, so when we realized we were right by a Mellow Mushroom, we quickly changed our plans.

We LOVE Mellow Mushroom, but we'd only been there once! It's a super cool and delicious pizza chain that uses really good ingredients, many of them organic. If you ever get a chance to go, you have to get the Red Skin Potato Pie. It sounds weird, but just trust me on this one. It has sliced roasted red potatoes, smoked bacon, caramelized onions, cheddar and mozzarella cheeses, is garnished with chives then drizzled with sour cream and spicy ranch dressing. We got the garlic butter and Parmesan pretzels as an appetizer, and those were amazing also. Good thing we're not on a gluten free diet! I'm hungry again just thinking about it.
I think Matt gets tired of me taking pictures of him at restaurants. Landon ignores me completely.

After our tummies were more than full, we drove over to Funky Finds, a semi-annual indie arts and crafts show. It was so cool!

One of my favorite booths was Texas Night Light, where I picked up two packs of hand-poured coconut lime verbena wax for my Scentsy warmer (I'm sure my Scentsy representative friends are cringing right now-- sorry!).

I also loved Courtney Gaston's art booth. If I were still teaching high school English, I would've snagged at least one of her book page canvases.

I absolutely adored the Capricious booth. This chick and her husband repurpose old windows into gorgeous organizers. They were super nice and even let me snag a picture of their cool pennant banner. I think they're just getting started, so check out their Etsy or Facebook page and show them a little love!

And of course my friend Rachel from 38Stitches had a gorgeous booth! If you haven't already heard my opinion about this (because I tell everyone I know, haha), she makes the absolute best baby bibs. They're my favorites! They're the perfect size, have awesome prints, and are amazingly washable and durable. Love them!

I may have to try to get my Etsy shop into the next Funky Finds show because I think my stuff is more than comparable in quality and cuteness than some of the booths there. And I know that my key fobs are better than the ones I saw, haha. I'm doing a small show in Flower Mound next month, so I'll use that for some practice. :)

In completely unrelated news, we have our big sonogram tomorrow! The vast majority of my friends are swearing I'm having a girl, we only have a girl name, and it would be so much easier logistically for us to have another girl, so I'm about positive we're having a boy.

We'll know tomorrow!

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