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Friday, March 8, 2013

Landon: 21 Months

Landon is HILARIOUS. He is seriously the biggest ham (yes, he takes after his father, which is only fair since Avery is basically me as a 3 year old).

Except right now he has a stomach bug for the THIRD time this school year, which is not hilarious at all. I used to brag that my kids never get sick, so maybe this is payback. Maybe I should clarify that statement by saying that my kids never get sick except when the awful vomit/diarrhea viruses go around. Ew ew ew.

But this post isn't supposed to be about throw up. It's about Landon, who is 21 months old! You read that right, only three months away from being 2, and oh my goodness how does it go by so quickly?!?
Our big boy is still at the top of the charts as far as size is concerned. He weighs 29 lbs (75%), is in the 90% for height, and has a huge head that measures (95%+).

He's starting to wear 2T clothes, although some 18 month shirts still fit him (thank you Carters for making clothes that my kids can wear forever!). He's in a 6/7 shoe, but he hates wearing them, so they come off every chance he gets. And he still wears a size 4 diaper for his skinny little booty.

Landon LOVES to talk. He's really surprised us with his verbal abilities, mostly because we expected him to be basically mute when everybody warned us not to compare him with Avery since 1) he's a boy, and 2) he's a second-born. He completely keeps up with her though, and while he's not using as many sentences as she did at this age, he talks just as frequently and regularly uses an incredible amount of words.

One of my favorite things about the way he talks is that he doesn't pronounce Ks. So we read "boots," he sleeps with his "blatie," he drinks from a "cut," and he always wants to eat "tate." He also switches around P sounds, so pizza becomes "teepa" and so on. But one sentence he always says perfectly now is "I love you, ________," so he basically has us all wrapped around his fingers.

Landon still loves to climb on everything, and he runs super fast now. I think he'll be a natural athlete, which will be a good way for him to burn off some of his crazy energy!

His favorite person is Avery, and it's been fun watching them interact and play together more lately. It doesn't hurt that he still doesn't mind when she bosses him around. I'm sure those days are limited. :)
Notice the sleep position: thumb in mouth, fingers on belly button. Oh, and Avery doesn't suck her thumb even though it totally looks like she is here.

Landon is just really sweet and fun and has an overall laid back personality. He's started to hit the tantrum stage, but those are still pretty rare. We love this kid so much!

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