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Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Spring Break Recap

Guess who's behind on blogging again! Ding ding's ME! Oh well.

Matt had spring break last week, and we stayed BUSY! I have a love/hate relationship with spring break actually. I love it because, hello, we get Matt home for a whole week, but then I hate that it's just such a tease for summer. The weather's warming up, we get to eat outside on the patio, and all schedules basically go out the window. Sigh, only two and a half more months until we get that for more than a week.

I hardly even remember last Monday. I'm pretty sure we went grocery shopping though since that's our typical grocery day. Shopping is always way more fun with Matt there to entertain kids and throw extra food in the basket. We always bring home the best food when he goes with us. :) I think I did some sewing that afternoon, too. What an exciting day!

This was the fun day because we had our big sonogram! We found out we're having a girl, and to celebrate, we went out for lunch at Chuy's (best Tex Mex ever; you will never convince me otherwise). Since we were already in Arlington, we decided to hit a few stores and stop by Starbucks before heading home. And Matt realized that he should never tell me to get him whatever I'm getting. Let's just say his sweet tooth isn't nearly as intense as mine.

We had a fun little photo shoot that evening with a girl from my Mops group, and we had delicious salads on the patio when we got home. The weather was gorgeous!

I had to work at church for a little while in the morning, so Matt and the kids set up a tent in the backyard and ate breakfast outside. I came home to pick up the kids for a Mops play date, and Matt was a gem and scrubbed the kitchen floor. On his hands and knees. Seriously, he is a keeper.

We tried having nap time in the tent, but it was pretty warm in there, so that was a fail. So I started sorting out all of Landon's outgrown clothes to sell/donate while they napped inside. We even got a surprise invitation to go taste test some snow cones down the road where a family we know is about to open a snow cone stand! Yes, please! We got to try my favorite, wedding cake with cream, and they were SO good.

Carlos, Kendra, and Cami came over for some red beans and rice for dinner, and we got to eat outside again. The weather really decided to cooperate with our plans this week. :)

I worked at church again in the morning, but this time Matt brought the kids to play on the playground while they waited for me.

We met my mom for lunch at Chick-fil-a and then she treated us to Marble Slab afterward. Might as well live it up on vacation, right?? We ran some errands afterward, and I can't even remember what we did that night. I probably sewed.

We had a fun Friday! We went to Fort Worth to meet my dad for lunch (he works downtown) at a food truck park that Matt's been dying to try. It was so cool! The park is right on the Trinity Trail, so it would be a nice stop off if you're out biking the trail one day. And it's right across from the Ft. Worth Zoo, so it would make for a great lunch break while you're visiting! Anyway, we scored some delicious fish and chips from the Gastro Bomber truck, and the kids tried out grilled PB&J at First Bites. We took our own sides and drinks, so it really wasn't too outrageous for us to eat lunch out there. The atmosphere is just really cool. I recommend checking it out!

After lunch we stopped at the new outlets in Grand Prairie. They were okay. We got some really great deals at the Carter's outlet, but every other store was pretty much a bust. Since we'd already passed up nap time, we stopped at Target on our way home (Avery was desperately needing some new shoes and we had no luck anywhere else). The kids were exhausted (i.e. super cranky), so they ate an early dinner and went to bed really early.

I had a moms' night out craft night at church, so I got a LOT of sewing done. It's always more fun to sew with good company! When I got home around 12:45 in the morning, my brother was waiting in our cul-de-sac to take Matt out for a police ride-along for the rest of the night morning.

We were super exhausted after our late night (I didn't go to bed until 2am and Matt didn't get home until 6:30am), but we trucked along anyway. The kids went to my parents' around lunch time because we had tickets to see In the Heights at a local community theater (Matt had some students in it). We grabbed some appetizers for lunch at Cheddar's and made it to the show just in time. I had never seen the show, but I loved it! It's kind of a Latin/hip hop version of Rent, minus the drugs and Aids.

That night we had Matt's early birthday dinner at my parents' house with my family (minus Nick, Brittany, and Allison).

We were back to a typical Sunday, with a lunch meeting after church, Matt's worship team rehearsal after that, and then Awana after some short kid naps.

So yay for spring break, but hurry up summer!!

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