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Friday, February 4, 2011

Friday Five

1. We finally decided on Avery's new bedding! It was exactly what I wanted (since Avery doesn't really have a design opinion yet), and I love that it's multi-color. There are so many accessory options! We're still waiting on it to come in since we had to order it online, but we're planning on painting her new (used!) dresser and nightstand (bright pink-- I love having a girl, lol) in the next week or two. Since the quilt was on clearance, most of the accessories were sold out (and overpriced anyway), so I'll be looking for some fabric soon to add in a few cute pillows. I can't wait to see it all come together!

2. Today is Matt's 4th snow day this week. If you've been keeping track, he hasn't been at school since last Wednesday since he took off for our cruise.  And then next week he only works Monday and Tuesday before he leaves for his music teachers convention in San Antonio. It's turning out to be a pretty easy few weeks for him! Plus I love having him home with us.

3. Even if having him home with us means that we're going stir crazy! The roads iced over on Monday night/morning and it hasn't gotten above freezing since then. We did finally venture out on Wednesday night to eat dinner at my parents' house, and then yesterday we went to the church so I could get things ready for Sunday since I hadn't been up there in over a week! We even made a run to the bank and to Costco, but the roads were pretty bad. I can actually understand why they wouldn't want buses driving kids around on them. We're running out of ways to keep Avery entertained in the house; except that today we woke up to a blanket of SNOW outside to play in, which is much better than the ice that was there before since she pretty much hated when we tried to get her to walk on the ice. Ha! Okay, Matt was holding her hands. But she was not a fan. I'm not a fan either, to tell you the truth. Snow days are weird for me now that I'm not teaching anymore; it messes with our routine and I just hate that getting out of the house is a nightmare! (And my northern people better not say anything about being wusses in Texas; we are not prepared for ice/snow down here and drivers are crazy in it.) So here's the picture that's floating around cyberspace that fits my sentiments exactly:

4. Do any of you watch the Bachelor? I admit, it's my trash TV guilty pleasure, and no matter how many times I say at the end of a season that I'm never watching it again, I can't help myself! It's like a train wreck. Anyway, I actually kinda like this dude this time around. And I love Emily (even though I also hate her for being so gorgeous and sweet; seriously, it's just not fair). I'm not crazy about any of the other girls (especially psycho Michelle), but one of my favorite things about watching the show is texting with my friend Betsy as she gives her unrestrained opinions throughout each episode. Cracks me up.

5. The Super Bowl is this Sunday! Woohoo! Now don't get me wrong; I couldn't care less about the game. I'm just ready to not have to hear about the Super Bowl being in Dallas and who's partying where and how much money Jerry Jones stands to make every time I turn on the news. Ugh. I hope DFW never hosts it again. Now the World Series is another story... is it April yet? I'm ready for baseball season. Anyway, since I have to pick someone I want to win this stupid game, I choose the Packers. You're welcome, Tiffany.

Have a great weekend!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

1. Cute! Can't wait to see it. Emily loves owls.
2. That is pretty crazy over there. We have been enjoying lots of sun. It's still chilly but sunny.
3. That pic is too funny. I enjoy going to the snow (staying by the warm fireplace) but I could never live where there is snow. Imagine bundling your baby up to go out to find out that she has to go potty or already went...unbundle, rebundle....and I would just freeze. Yeah, I'm a wussy Californian.
4. I watched most seasons, but haven't since the whole Melissa/Molly/Jason fiasco. You'll have to keep me posted.
5. I'm not a big football fan either, but I love going to Superbowl parties for the food. hahaha! We're celebrating Melody's 4th birthday with our families on Sunday so nothing this year. We are looking forward to taking the girls to another baseball game again. Hopefully, they'll understand more this time.